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To Lord Dorset | Arrives Monday Evening

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Anne-Elisabeth read the limerick she had just written on the bottom half of a piece of fine parchment and then folded the upper half over it. With her letter opener, she cut a small hole in one corner and threaded a bright orange ribbon through it and tied it around the neck of a bottle of coconut rum. It looked a bit plain. Perhaps I should fancy it up a bit.


On a whim, she opened the chest where she kept her stockings and chose one of the ribbon-trimmed pieces of lace she used to hold them up. The ribbon was turquoise, a perfect compliment to the orange one on the note. Untying the limerick, she fastened the garter around the bottle and then tied the note to it.


On the parchment was written:




The new neighbor who lives down the street

Sends a delicious tropical treat

A nice little gift

That might give you a lift

And bring dreams of the lush island heat.



The note was not signed, Anne-Elisabeth doubted that anyone else in the neighborhood was as adept with limericks as she was. He would know who had sent it. Satisfied, she admired her handiwork for a few moments and then called a liveried servant to deliver it to Dorset’s manor.

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On Tuesday afternoon a wooden box was returned with the compliments of the Earl of Dorset.  The accompanying note read:

A neighbor sent, such a surprise;

A cover note, to please the eyes

Inside crystal clear

Its mate awaits you here

Tonight at ten, you in disguise.


Inside was a heavy crystal glass best used tohold hard liquor.

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