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Delivery for Lady Cambray | Monday 11th April

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A velvet covered box arrived later in the day after Church on Monday; an item designed commissioned by Lord Chichester.


Having come directly from the Jewellery Isaac Gaunz, there was no note attatched, but she surely understood. Inside was a finely constructed tiara, the crest of which was fashioned of silver seahells, with stars in the formation of Pleaides, and each of these stars inset with a blue sapphire. It's craftmanship was exceptional, as only a Jewish jeweller knew how - and was probably horribly expensive. 

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Anne-Elisabeth had just finished changing from her fancy church clothes to a plainer and more comfortable gown when a servant arrived carrying a box covered in velvet. Whatever could it be? she wondered. Still preoccupied with the horror of the morning and the enjoyment of the afternoon, she was fairly certain that she wasn’t expecting any gifts.


Staring at the box lying on her bed, she was almost afraid to open it. What if the killer had seen her and sent her a grisly warning to stay out of way? The package was not large enough to contain a severed head, but there could be some detached fingers inside it. Or a small dead animal.


Steeling herself, the dark-haired Countess opened it anyway. Prepared to step back, she instead stepped forward, her dark eyes lighting up at the sight of the silver and sapphire tiara. Oh how sweet Lord Chichester was, and how very talented! He had done his research for she recognized the Pleaides immediately, running her finger over each star while whispering their names.


Picking it up, she tried it on, admiring how well it looked on her in her full-length mirror. She had a gown that would go with it perfectly, Now Anne-Elisabeth couldn’t wait for the next formal ball or party so that she could wear it, Lord Chichester was a fine jewelry designer and she had no doubt that when other ladies saw it, they  would beg him to design pieces for them too, just as she had told him when he visited her last week.


After placing the tiara carefully back in the box, she went to her study and wrote him a short note.




My dearest Lord Chichester,


Words can not convey how delighted I am with the gorgeous tiara you designed for me. When you visit me in two night’s time, I will thank you in person.


Looking forward to seeing you then,


Anne-Elisabeth Devereux,

Countess of Cambray



After sealing it, she sent it with one of her servants to be delivered immediately.

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