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To Lord Chichester, by hand, late evening 8th April

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Noting George's glance of acknowledgment at Her Majesty's festivities, Cadell resolved to contact the man directly when as soon as possible. The same runner who had delivered a missive by hand to Lord Beverley was summoned to the study of his master that night, and given a note to deliver to the home of Lord Chichester, so that the earl might find it in the morning.



Lord Chichester,

Much have many of late toiled in perils of wave and war*, but I nonetheless find myself returning to London renewed and refreshed - a state which left me pleased to note your continued presence at His Majesty's court indeed. While it may seem strange to feel starved for company after leaving the cramped quarters of a château, the righteous solitude of Holy Week lends itself well to wishing for the company of friends - to say nothing of the machinations behind the walls of the aforementioned manse bringing to mind memories of the duel we once fought.

Therefore, while I recognize the folly of attempting - or wishing - to plan during the remembrance of Our Lord (and will myself be engaged the evening of Saturday for some time) I felt it only chivalrous to reach out to such an esteemed foe once more. At your convenience, my lord, we might relive that halcyon battle, or if you're so inclined, re-engage it.

In friendship,

Cadell Mortimer, Viscount Athenry


*From Homer's Odyssey

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It was Saturday morning, and George was dressing for another day of services when his servant delivered the post. 

Fiddling with a cufflink (not terribly popular fashion item, yet in his opinion marvellous) he leaned over the tray and judged most of them lack lustre. Bills were already coming in for the Art event. But one stood out by it's fine stationery. As the fastening finally snapped into place, George took up Cadells letter, and did not put it down till held read it twice - both times with chuckles and warm memories. 

"Fetch quill and parchment." he instructed his man, who vanished long enough for George to have made the final few finishing touches to his wardrobe.   There was not too much time remaining to pen a reply before Church.   But he did, and sending it for delivery by his servant, it was at the Viscount's abode when he returned later that day.




Lord Athenry,

Let this be added to the tale of those!*  Grand to hear from you, I experience great anticipation at prospect of a continuance.

In part to hear of your adventures, you know me to enjoy French delights and I shall enjoy any updates you might have from abroad.  I have been resigned of late to gleaning facts from the papers, a scant resources when one desired to generate a full bodied understanding.  An insightful commentary also is needed - of that I may hope you to supply.  

Yet our diaries conflict at least at first, I am fully occupied Sunday evening with a family dinner.  Perhaps Monday evening then, we might complete the weekends observances with the thrust and parry of pieces once more! 

God bless you and yours



Postscript: perchance your satruday engagment ends early, you are welcome to my door!


* ditto, the next verse 

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