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To the Duchess of Richmond (La Belle) | By hand 7th afternoon

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Francis had been kept quite busy over the Christmas season and after, and he had not been able to spend as much time with his friends as he had wished. The Duchess of Richmond was one such friend. He quite enjoyed their flirtations and teasing, and he still had little idea exactly what they had done together that night in Brighton, but the evidence surely was that it was something, but he had been unable to repeat it sober as of yet. He had only gotten as far as a New Year's kiss.


t was still great fun to spend time with her regardless, not to mention they shared an aunt! (who had witnessed their morning awkwardness at Brighton...) Francis knew that Frances was quite close to Mall, as they were both rather independent and intelligent sorts of ladies. There were no more Dukes of Richmond that were the lady's blood (the current boy-duke was His Majesty's child of another creation of the title), so it left Francis wondering where she was spending the religious holidays. From Friday through the weekend, it was generally a time spent in religious contemplations and with family, usually some for of gathering, so he rather wondered as to the plans of both Duchesses of Richmond. 

So he sent out the following missive with one of his servants on Thursday afternoon.



My Dear Duchess,

I hope you have enjoyed the start to the season, but mine has not been as enjoyable having not yet seen you. At the very least, we are owed "tea" together*, and while our yacht tour was quite fun, let us do it on solid ground this time around. Perhaps next week?

Have you plans for Easter Sunday? I do believe our mutual aunt is coming at some juncture, and His Grace would surely count you very welcome to join us if you wish to come with her. I shall be home aside from Saturday through chapel Sunday, which is my usual rotation attending His Majesty, if you deign to grace me with a reply (a tone of teasing evident).

Your servant,



(OOC - * this is a reference to their arrangements after their NYE kiss ;) )

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~arrives on the morning of April 8


Frances was happy to receive Lord Kingston’s letter, though she had secretly hoped he would have contacted her before now and perhaps sent her a gift. She loved gifts from gentleman. Yet after reading the first sentence, how could she be angry at him? He had missed her and had no qualms about letting her know it. That was, she supposed, a gift in itself.


She chuckled at the mention of tea. The Duchess had not forgotten their jest and she had certainly not forgotten their kiss. It had been brief, but sweet, and it had awakened something inside her that she couldn't quite recall, probably related to that confusing night in Brighton. She’d had the feeling that they had kissed before. Maybe they had done more. If so, it was utterly unfair that she could not remember. Did he, or was he as much in the dark as she was?


Though she did want to spend Easter with him, she didn’t want him to think she was too eager, and so she would reflect that in her reply. When she showed up, he would be pleasantly surprised.


Dearest Lord Kingston,


I haven’t heard from you in so long that I was certain you had forgotten me! I am glad that I was wrong. The season is starting slowly, at least for me, but I hope that will change after Easter. I don’t know what my plans for the holiday are yet but I thank you for your invitation and will contact our aunt if I am able to attend.


And yes, we should definitely have tea together. I know you are busy attending His Majesty, so just let me know what day and time is convenient for you and I should be able to accommodate you. We also need to decide on the location. I shall leave that up to you.



Frances Stuart

Duchess of Richmond


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