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The two men were comfortable by a warm fire, talking in low voices.


"We will know more when Trevor gets back. They cannot delay him for long."


"And what of Basildon?"


"If he knew what Danby was doing, he would have to be stupid to let Danby survive, so there is some degree of certainty he was not."


"Is it certain he did not kill him later, or made it so by order?"


"He was followed, as was Danby. Still, even after he left our soil, Basildon would have to trust a bunch of foreigners to manage Danby and the man is far too intelligent and paranoid for such things. I am fairly certain if Basildon knew, Danby would have been dead on that first meeting, and perhaps those Hill boys too." The man shrugged, "Unless Basildon is being held to accounts by someone else who holds a great threat over his head, but if such were the case I doubt his wife would have been returned. It cannot be ruled out, but it is not a great worry."



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