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Starstruck | 5th April, after the concert

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The geometric lines of the House stand stark against a neatly cropped lawn - it's gardens comprised of neatly trimmed hedges in the shapes of various mythological beasts. Beneath the Echidna tree is a marble bench from which the garden's design is optimally viewed - where upon in the dusk and a gentle breeze granting susurration to the leaves, the garden seems to come alive with excitement and adventure.


A sweeping arched driveway enters from one gateway and exeunt through the other, that carriages might drive right up to the steps that lead up to the house.



Everything was ready for Lord Grey's visit. Her cook had prepared a late dinner and Anne-Elisabeth had cleaned and polished her telescope. That would usually be a servant's job but she didn't allow then to touch her prized possession. Whether they would be able to see anything through it tonight, she wasn't sure, but at least he would be able to look at it and maybe suggest improvements. She didn't think it was one of the cheaper models but she doubted it was the best that money could buy. It had been a gift from a lover during recess to buy her silence after she had befriended his wife.


It sat in the upstairs parlor in front of the large window that spanned the length and width of the wall opposite the door. The window gave one a lovely view of the whimsical gardens with their creatively sculpted topiaries. Only the shapes could be seen at night, making the grounds appear mysterious and exciting, at least to her.  The filmy coral curtains had been drawn back and fastened with turquoise ties with seashells strung upon them.


The room was decorated in a tropical theme. The other three walls were each painted with a different color … one turquoise, one coral, and one light amber. The paintings on the wall depicted beaches, the ocean, palm trees, flamingos parrots, and brightly colored flowers. There were several large potted plants set artfully around the parlor and vases full of flowers sat upon small tables next to pretty seashells.


At the end of the room sat a fireplace, its flames competing with the candles in the chandelier for dominance. A rug featuring an underwater scene had been placed near it and a couch and two chairs made of rich dark mahogany was arranged around it. The upholstery echoed the colors of the walls. There was a long table along one wall and two more chairs sat close to the telescope.


Anne-Elisabeth wandered around the room, rearranging this and that just so, as she waited for Lord Grey to arrive. It was rare she met somebody who shared her love of astronomy and she hoped that this visit went well.

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