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To The Duchess of Somerset and Lady Susan Herbert, Respectively, by hand 5th April

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Before leaving for Lords Davina remembered something she had ment to do but had gotten side tracked. Going to her desk she sat and wrote two notes one more formal than the other but each saying the same things


Your Grace, SInce The Season has now resumed I think it a prudent time to arrange for the three of us to assemble and discuss the final thoughts in regards to the needlework project we talked about before Recess. I should like to propose one morning next week if your time allows and I shall ask the same of Lady Susan. Perhaps, since there is little going on, we might make use of some corner of the Presence if that will suit? Say eleven of the clock? I shall await your response.

Mistress Wellsley



Lady Susan, now that we are all reassembled I think it prudent that we meet with the Duchess to discuss the needlework project that we talked about before Recess. I have asked the Duchess for a morning next week and to meet in the Presence at eleven of the clock. I shall await your response.



They did need to gather and decide if this was going to be finished. For her part she was done but there needed some minor corrections. She sprinkled sand over each then folded and dripped a bit of red wax to seal. Poppy would deliver each.



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~arrives 7th April


Working on her part of the tapestry had kept Lucy busy during recess and had kept her mind off of worrying about the baby growing inside her. She remembered what Lisa had gone through … twice … and that only one of her four babies had survived. The young Duchess fervently hoped that she was not carrying twins, even though a part of her wished for just that. Wouldn't it be wonderful to give birth to two healthy children? Her husband would be so proud and all the ladies of court would be jealous.


She had planned on speaking to Davina and Susan about finishing their needlework before now, but she had been preoccupied with having a new wardrobe made that would fit her soon-to-be swelling belly. They did need to complete the tapestry soon before the Queen went into confinement. The garden scene was meant to hang on the wall to remind her of happy things while she awaited the arrival of her child.


Since they would have to embroider the three pieces together into a whole, they needed to start soon. Lucy had too much to do to reply right away, but on the morning of the seventh, she sat down at her desk and dipped her quill into the inkwell.




Dear Mistress Wellsley,


Yes, the three of us do need to get together and discuss how to complete our tapestry before the Queen goes into confinement. There is still much to plan and shopping to be done. We can decide on the colors we need to finish it when we meet. Since time is running out, why don't we meet on Tuesday at the time and place you specified? I shall inform Lady Susan myself.


Lucy Seymour

Duchess of Somerset



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She had in all truth missed replying to this so in the hopes it was not too late quickly penned a short reply.


Your Grace, I shall be happy to attend and I look forward to the completion of such an Important undertaking,


D Wellsley

There. Done. Sanded and sealed it was sent off to be hand delivered.

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