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Honourable Miss Grace Preston

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Character Sheet Player Profile

Name: Shiloh Email: shilohg1976@gmail.com

Age: Well above 21

How you found us: One of the originals from back in the day

What is your background and experience in roleplaying: See previous answer

What themes do you wish to explore in our game: Personal interactions and their consequences.

What makes you excited to do in our game: Everything. I've missed y'all.

What are you NOT looking for in our game: N/A  

Character Profile  

Character Name: Grace Preston

Title: Honourable Miss

Estate Name: Truxton

Nationality: English

Age: 21

Gender: Female

Eye Colour: Hazel

Hair Colour: Blond

Avatar: Amanda Seyfried 

The First Impression & Physical Appearance 

When you first see Grace, you'll see porcelain skin, big hazel eyes, slightly overwide mouth, honey blond hair and slim figure. Standing at 5'2”, she's not the tallest lady in the room. You'd expect her to be the picture of elegance. Her mother worked hard to instill grace, compassion and humility into her, while her brothers treated her like as one of the boys, though slightly gentler.  


Personality Coming from a family of men, with just the hint of female influence from her mother and her brother's wives, Grace can present a calm facade, but for the most part, she's rather blunt. She might come off as shy, but that's because she spent most of her life around people related to her and new people are a new experience for her.  

Wealth Level : Average  

Housing: St Marks  

Benefits, Challenges

Benefits: Fertile family, plays baroque violin, pet raccoon.

Challenges: Naive about politics, Horrible at needlepoint, blunt  


Origin/Background There really was nothng terribly outstanding about the Prestons of Truxton. A Viscounty that was never mired in scandal (unless you count the number of twins born into the family). No funding issues. Their servants and tenants never complained, except when the Twins (which ever set at the time) became a bit rowdy in the pub. Every day, pretty much the same. Until 15 years after the second set of twins, George and Geoffrey, were born. That's when Lady Mary discovered herself pregnant again. And so it was, in 1657, August 8th, Lady Mary delivered to her lord Husband, Gregory, a single...female...child. There hadn't been a female born into the family in the last 6 generations. A party was thrown that lasted for 3 days. Nine months later, there was a sudden spike in the population of Truxton. When Grace was three, her father, Gregory Jr, passed from this life at the age of 62. Her mother, Mary, was 20 years his junior and still lives. Grace never had any major incidences in her life. Her brothers, Gregory III, Gerald, George and Geoffrey, taught her all the things boys need to know growing up, while her mother taught her all the things a girl needed to know. Though Grace simply couldn't sew a straight line if given a ruler and someone guided her hand. The samplers she did were truly horrific. The one thing she was good at, that gave her mother pride and despair, was playing the violin. She was proud at how accomplished Grace was, but worried that the instrument's placement, just below the shoulder, practically resting on her bosom, would draw undue attention. When Grace was 13, her uncle George, who had been on an expedition in the Colonies, brought her back a young racoon, that she named Bandit. Bandit like shiny things and trash. While a few of the local gentry have attempted to woo Grace, having several older male siblings who were either friends or enemies of these same men, she was not going to find a husband in the surrounding area. So, the current Viscount Truxton, Gregory III, known to his baby sister as Trip, has packed Grace up with her maid, Lisabet, and sent her on to London, to make a good match. If she happens to find a gentleman with some clout, Trip won't be the least bit upset, as he's the first in the Truxton line to ponder putting his toes into the political pond. But little Gracey doesn't need to know that.  

Goals To find a husband who isn't scared off by her older brothers. Meet new people who aren't related to her.

Family: Father: Gregory Matthew Preston Junior, 8th Viscount Truxton (deceased) Mother: Mary Richmond Preston, Daughter of Baron Guilfort (widowed) Brothers: Gregory III (Trip) 9th Viscount Truxton (41), Major Gerald Preston (41), George Preston (36), Geoffrey Preston (36) More than likely there are some nephews running around in there, especially offspring of Trip.

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