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To Mistress Ellen Doolittle | arrives 5th April

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Written on a piece of cream-colored paper, scented softly with rose and vanilla, and penned in Sophia's flowery handwriting:




Dear Mistress Doolittle,


I was very sorry to hear about your father's illness and I hope that now he is well on his way to recovery. He was very kind to me when I was under his guardianship and I feel sorry now for all of the trouble that I caused him. If he is well enough to receive visitors, I should like to speak with him if he is willing to see me again.


I would also like to talk to you, if you can spare me a few minutes of your time. Our last conversation did not end very well, and I would like to make amends.



Sophia de la Cerda

Countess of Toledo





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Surprise. Yes that was the word. Surprise. The two of them had little to do with the other since Sophia had left the Doolittle household and then married a Spaniard.

All their differences were in the past yet Ellen oft times felt that things had never truly been settled. Sophia was like a tunnel of wind that moved in her own directions uncaring about those that were caught up.Or so Ellen thinks. 

With a sigh she made to send a reply.


Lady Toledo, thank you for thinking after my Father - his recovery was indeed a Miracle. You are free to see him as you will. I shall pass on your request but I can not answer for him so please be understanding. As to your asking for me I will agree. you to me ot me to you it matters not. Perhaps since you will be at our residence that might be best? When it has been arranged with my Father he will no doubt inform me so I will expect you after.

E Doolittle


She read the few lines thinking that there was no need really to make it flowery and friendly. She would indeed pass on the request to her Father and from there it was up to the two of them. Still she was curious as to what exactly needed to be said between her and Sophia. Their paths were like to not cross as she did not move in the same Circles unless it was some Court Even that even a Baronet's daughter could attend.

Sanded and sealed she then set it on the silver dish that held other things to be hand delivered back that afternoon.

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