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Iona Dunbar

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Character Sheet Player Profile

                Name: Sophie

                Email: sophiebla26@outlook.com

                Age: 19

                How you found us: RPG Directory

                What is your background and experience in roleplaying: Around eight years experience, however I've taken a bit of time away from roleplaying for about two years due to focusing more on education

                What themes do you wish to explore in our game: Court intrigue, mystery, adventure, discovery and also love

                What makes you excited to do in our game: I'm really excited to get back into roleplaying, especially in an environment such as this and I'm excited to develop my character

                What are you NOT looking for in our game: OOC drama, but other than that nothing is off of the cards


                Character Profile  

                Character Name: Iona Dunbar

                Title: Mistress Iona Dunbar

                Estate Name: Cairn Castle

                Nationality: Scottish

                Age: 18

                Gender: Female

                Eye Colour: Blue

                Hair Colour: Golden blonde



                The First Impression & Physical Appearance 

 Even with correct posture, the Caledonian lass stands at an ordinary 5'3" and does not give the impression of being a domineering figure. Her features are dainty from the gentle rise of the tip of her nose to the soft curve of her jawline. She has a child-like aura to her with wide blue eyes that glimmer with curiosity. Her lips are not overly plump, however they are averagely sized and pleasantly pink. Hailing from a place in which the weather is known for being 'dreich', it is no surprise that Iona's complexion is of the paler side. She is not without a rosy glow and in the rare occasion of being privy to sunshine, her complexion can be marred by freckles. Her figure is petite with there being a subtle rise to her bosom, however her hips are indeed rather shapely for her slender size.


Iona is a young lady who is beginning to come into her own as she's in the process of building her confidence in relation to societal socialisation. Having spent most of her years in her Scottish seaside town, she is still very much naive to the brutal realities and ways of the world. She is a compassionate soul at heart as she seeks to befriend most individuals she comes across with little doubt of their sincerity. She values loyalty as a great quality and attempts to remain true to those she holds close. Despite sometimes being considered quiet, she is not without a sense of humour even if her sense of humour can sometimes get her a scolding from her parents. With her remote upbringing, she has a thirst for adventure and a cheerful curiosity about the world.  


                Wealth Level :




                St Marks



        Daughter of a baron/lord of parliament in Scotland +1


        In debt-1

        Bad at needlework -0.5



The only daughter of a Scottish Lord of Parliament and his wife, Iona was born in the summer of the year 1660. Her parents had struggled after the birth of her elder brother with furthering the Dunbar brood. They were faced with numerous miscarriages in the process of attempting to conceive another child, but eventually their prayers were answered with the birth of another child. The senior Dunbar was satisfied with having two children, albeit it was not a large amount. Others were not so lucky.

 Iona grew up in the town of Maybole on the Scottish coast, throughout her childhood she grew accustomed to the cold sea breeze and air so salty one could almost taste it upon the parting of lips. The town of Maybole was home to many farmlands as well as being a route to the ocean, so Iona gradually began to feel at ease around the herds of sheep and cattle that were plentiful in the area.  Her childhood was a happy one as she was nurtured by her parents as well as having a close bond with her brother due to them only having eachother to play with. 

Her father provided her with an education fit for a girl of her station which established that she would be competent in the basics expected of her, Iona particularly excelled in reading, writing and dancing while also having a passable singing voice. However, even with the repeated attempts from her mother to offer some assistance in the area of needlework it is easy to be declared that the art of sewing was not something Iona would ever master. Frequent pricking of the finger and the thread becoming a knotted mess was enough for the lass to truly give up on what was a losing battle.

Unbeknownst to herself, her father had accumulated a substantial amount of debt through investments gone awry and impulsive spending habits. The sheer amount of it had not truly struck a cord with the elder Dunbar until he received a strong worded letter that consisted of darker tones. Being oblivious to the situation that her father had gotten himself into, Iona was mostly content with the way her day to day life was going although there was a part of her that yearned to see more than just her seaside town. The opportunity for exploration came when her brother was venturing down south to London for the season and offered that Iona would be able to join on that venture with their father's permission. Her father was happy enough for her to accompany her brother to London, especially as he was attempting to shield his children from knowing the true extent of the problems he faced. 

The hustle and bustle of the city was at first overwhelming for Iona as she had never experienced anything like it, the sheer enormity of the amount of individuals who resided in the city compared to her town drew her in. She found herself intrigued and amused during her first few weeks in the city, however the amusement was not to last. Her brother had gone out to do some shopping without her and had told her that he would be back for supper, however he did not return that evening and it truly disturbed her as he was not one for being incredibly irresponsible. She was quick to strike up her concerns with an officer and her father through the form of a letter. As weeks went by with her feeling very much alone in the city, she kept mostly indoors as she was quite worried about what had gone on to make her brother disappear so suddenly.

More weeks had  gone by until she was delivered the fatal news from the officer that a body believed to be fitting the description of her brother had been found in the Thames. The identification process was particularly traumatising for the young lass who had never been subjected to such brutality before and the utter despair she felt from the unexplained death of her brother stirred unfelt emotions within her. 




To find out what had happened to her brother and who was responsible

To make friends and acquintances

To see more of the world

To acquire new skills and experiences




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