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A Bedraggled Arrival


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Ablemarle House

The cart seemed to bear refuse and the Duchess wanted it out of her driveway.  The man at the door was some peasant.

"How dare he not use the servant's door," Elizabeth fumed aloud.

"The man at the door says the wounded man was quite insistent that he be brought to this house," the maid replied sheepishly.

"I do not care if the man is the Mayor of London, I have no wish to gaze upon wounded men.  Blood makes me dizzy."

"He says, Your Grace that the man is the Count Forensi."

Elizabeth collected her skirts.  She had been expecting the Hungarian but not in this condition.  What would her husband say?  She rushed out to see a familiar form whose clothes were ripped and stained with blood.  The Duchess reached out to the railing of the cart to steady herself.

"Anatole, what has happened?" she squeaked.

In a hoarse voice came the whisper "the beast has returned."  He seemed too incapacitated to say more.

"Bring him inside and put him in the servant quarters.  Give him his own room and summon the doctor."  She wanted to hide him away from her husband knowing that Chris would object, leading to a tedious argument that she would win eventually, but at some cost.

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End of Summer 1678

"He says that you must seek him at Windsor your Grace.  The spirit World is stronger there than here," the Count explained.

"Then let us go now before court is in session," the Duchess demanded.

"An empty castle does not draw the spirits of the damned as well as a castle full of the living.  There are secrets to discover there,"Forensi assured her.  "I have foreseen a chamber in the bowels of the castle where a spirit awaits the intrepid, but only for five true believers in the spirit world."

"Darlene," Elizabeth was quick to volunteer.  "She is a believer.  She has a woman that knows the magic of savage natives in the New World."  Forensi had thought of George Hardwick as a true believer as well, but he did not mention the name.  "We will find others at Windsor, Your Grace.  They will become apparent.  Look for the color red."

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