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To Thomas Killigrew by hand delivered Wednesday 6th

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She had not forgotten what The Queen had requested of her before the Bachelor Auction - even if that Lady might have - and thus she set herself the task of starting it so that she might finish it quickly. There were so many irons in the fire at the mnoment.


Master Killigrew, you will no doubt be taken by surprise to be receiving a note from me but please do not set it aside. I have been assigned a task by Her Majesty in relation to your Theatre which, sadly, lies un-rebuilt. At your convince I should like to come and have some conversation. I am easily found on the Queen's Side and I shall look forward with anticipation. 

until then, respectively

Mistress Wellsely 

Now what this good Gentleman might make of such a cryptic note she could not guess. He might well begin to assume that Her Majesty thinks to aid in his Theatre's restoration - and that could happen - or she herself was interested. And as she pondered that it did not seem such a bad thing to become involved with.

Sanded and sealed she set it on the small silver dish where Poppy would see it and ensure it was sent out in a few days time.

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