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Letters to Boyle, Brighton [pls do not archive]

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4th April, 1678


Dear Peter,

Well here the new court season has begun, I shall spare you details of the changes in the whimsy of fashion. Her Majesty looks well, and there is a joyfulness amidst the populace of London. It has been months since I heard anything of protests and riots. It is though a new golden era is burgeoning on the horison, a new dawn, and with it national contentment.  Six months ago who would have thought such a thing even possible.

In personal news I am made an Uncle and Guardian both.  While I yet hold some hope that Lord Russel shall be discovered alive, my sisters passing exchanged her own life for that of a bright and healthy baby boy.  We call him little Lord Whitgrove, though pray that his Papas return shall remove the early title from him.  

On another front is news which I have delayed in telling;  of my conversion to the religion of our nation.  You may appreciate the ambition worthy reasons that had me first consider this, yet as I studied more I found other reasons also. Tolerance being the key, and a subject that Dr Spratt can speak on for three hours solid!  It is thus tolerance that I now fully embrace, and beg that you shall also in tolerating myself as your newly Anglican friend.

War has been declared, and with some understanding of business now (thanks largely to your tuition) I trust that you manage to wring profit from the declaration. Your primary field, is perhaps more neatly associated with relaxation and celebration - but I should think you not one to pass over other opportunity.  May the wind fill your sails - what bold days we live within.   

But here I run out of room on the page, so shall sign off with my best wishes to both you and wife, whom both remain constant in my prayers


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