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To Baron Grey, by hand to The Red Lion Inn, Sunday 3rd Late Morning

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Now that there had been such a change several things had escaped her. One of which needed to be attended to the quickest. She took up a quill and scribble a hasty note 


Lord Grey, I do hope that You will forgive the sudden receiving but I have found my circumstances to have beem abrupty changed - namely that of my place of residence! Please do not look for me at St Marks. Travel instead to Piccadilly Street and look for number 2 - the houses there are odd/even numbered - do you think that since mine is 'even' it bodes well? I look forward to our little Adventure.

Until then,

Lady Lucas

The handwriting was neat and preceise yet clearly writ by a woman. She sanded then folded and applied a bit of red wax to seal the edge. She had found little Betty to be useful enough but sending such a creature to The Red Lion Inn was not practical so she made use of one of the male servants who was young enough still to look forward to the penny he'd receive for the delivery.

Her mind turned again to tasks at hand and so did her day continue yet some thought was spared to what she would wear the next day  .......

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