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To Lord Kingston by hand 1st April Whitehall

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She had considered this for some time and his was the name that seemed the best to begin with.


Lord Kingston - you will no doubt have some surprise at the receiving of such a thing from me yet I am being so Bold for a reason. The two of us have some past history and tis to that I am playing to. I would like to take up some of your time perhaps in the coming week(s) to discuss a matter of Importance. It is puruly Business and one that could be very Profitable for us both. I am aware of the direction the wind now blows and hope that once we talk some arrangement of mutual benefit can be won. Simply send me word back if you are interested and I can be found at my Father's offices off Mermaid Lane or to whatever arrangement you should wish.

E. Doolittle 


Ellen read it thru twice pleased that she had written in her clear hand without any sign of wobbling or blotches. This was a risk and one that was secret from Everyone especially her Father. Without her brother-in-law to ask advice from she had to now learn to manage on her own in what was trurly a Man's Enviroment and one with predjuice as well. Women and Ships were two things that did not mix  and the very 'idea' that she should now think to run the Company without Guidance from a man was cause for laughter and amusements and one she had to overcome. It would be Lord Kingston she hopes that will provide what she is lacking - a Male Presence.

She sanded and then sealed the letter and rang the bell handing it to one of her more trusted errand boys adding that he's get four pennies if he did his job right. Once at Whitehall, she instructed, he was to find where Lord Kingston was and then see this delivered.

He was quick to nod and smiled wider at the payout leaving her to stare out the windows that overlooked the Harbor.

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