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To Lady Frances Cavendish | arrives afternoon April 1st

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Written on a piece of cream-colored paper, scented softly with rose and vanilla, and penned in Sophia's flowery handwriting:




Dear Lady Frances,


I hope your recess was enjoyable and that you have been well. I have been thinking often about our Ladies Music Society and would like to discuss my ideas with you as well as hear your own. The arrival of spring is a time for new beginnings, and I believe this is the perfect time to start it.


Please let me know when you are available to come to tea at my house, which has now been redecorated. I am also sending you a gift that I bought for you in Spain.






Accompanying the letter was a box containing a beautiful fan made of silk painted with flowers and trimmed in lace. She sent it with a servant to be delivered immediately.


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Lady Frances had been traveling between Country and London as the new Season was now starting and so was in the midst of setteling herself back into a new set of rooms. Occupied with directing her servants the distraction was a welcom'd one as the box and letter were delivered to her. She asked the messanger to be paid for the trouble and to wait if there was a reply needed. Looking for a place to sit she brushed aside the stack of petticoats that took up a bench and broke the seal to read what was penned inside.

Ah. Yes she now remembered that the two of them had indeed spoke of trying to establish such a thing but she had given it no more thought since. A small frown appeared but was replaced by a surprised smile as she saw what was inside the box.

"How Lovely! Look Anne how pretty are these colors!" This said to one of her maids. "Should I accept? But to refuse would be a rudeness and I do not want to cause the Baroness to be hurt."

She turned back to the messanger saying

"Tell Lady Toledo I have received the box and letter and that it pleased me greatly. I will follow with my own reply once I am settled in."

She waved him away playing with the fan moving it to and fro admiring how well it was constructed.

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