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Heavens Forfend, My Sins Come Back to Revisit Me


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"Shall you tell me what is wrong?" he asked, eyeing the boy. He could always tell when something was being held back. "Do I have to ask your friends?"


A sigh was heaved. Yet, the young man stood tall. "You...did not keep your promise, Sir. I do not wish to be ungallant, but..."


"Ahh. You are dissatisfied with the match?"


"As you well know, Sir." It was said with a large dose of bravery.


They all grew up at one point or another. It could not be oranges, sweetmeats, and laughter indefinitely. 


"Surely you can forgi---."


"I know." There was a pause as if those two words did not pause the earth enough. "I know, Sir, the thing that we do not talk about. I know."


Their eyes locked and there was no point in denying it. He never had in such instances. When the moment was at hand, it was most clearly at hand. When once had secrets, that moment was intimate.


The boy continued, "And I have known. For awhile. And nobody needed to say. And I never said. But I'm saying now that I know, and I do not wish to disobey you, but this I will not do. I have never asked for anything but my freedom in such matters, and you promised."


"I would say that I am pleased you have found your voice..." he trailed off. Not in such an instance and not directed at him, perhaps. "You shall not have to be ungallant. I will mend the matter to the happiness of all. Let it not be said I do not keep my promises to you."


(Fade Out)

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