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To Mrs Gwynn | arrives Tuesday morning- Xmas 1677

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A letter arrived with a modest sized box wrapped in brown paper, with a sprig of lavender to decorate (tucked in place under the string.)




Dearest Nell

I had hoped to find you at the ball -  wasn't it a wonderous evening!  It flew past though far too quickly!

I really should have ranged further than the main ballroom to seek you.  Were you perhaps at the battle of poetic wits, an event that I heard was very titillating!

In any case, with the close of the season nearly upon us, I wished to write you to express my happiness at a new friendship.  Going bathing together was such fun. Perhaps we shall take up some other outing in the Spring, most especially if under our disguises of Ellie and Lavande!

With affection

Niccolette Vauquelin


Opening the parcel Nell would find a trio of toffee apples*, one each for her boys and her.   Nicci hoped that the humble gift would be appreciated for the sentiment if not the cost.



* last season I had Nicci perfecting the art of making toffee apples down at the Apothecary, these are some more recently made in the Basildon kitchens.  She made a batch of about a dozen, and intends to give away a few others to certain persons.     

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The boys were delighted with the toffee apples and so was Nell. She genuinely liked Madmoiselle Vauquelin. The Frenchwoman didn't act like the other female toffs she knew; in fact, it was easy to forget that she was a toff at all. Though she did not reply to the letter, she looked forward to seeing Nicolette next season and reprising their roles as Ellie and Lavande.

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