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Lady Susan Herbert, arrives midday 3rd Jan- Xmas 1677

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George had hoped to approach her at the Ball, but intentions and circumstance had not complied - perhaps there had been a chance missed again at Chapel on Sunday.  At this rate Chichester predicted that seasons end would arrive and the Duke would shortly become aware that he'd failed to follow the directives upon either field of inquiry. Penning a letter to lady with an unsolicited gift seemed a drastic approach, but George saw any rejection as tolerable compared to a tut of head from Norfolk.

It need be a gift not too personal if he hoped she would keep it, certainly nothing that required to be worn, but something elegant none the less, and personable.  After some consideration he settled upon a pretty hand sized leather-bound notebook and had the craftsman emboss her initials into the spine.  A pocket sized utility for keeping of notes.  Thinking well of the gift, he then settled to his writing desk to pen missive to be attatched. 




Dear Lady Herbert

It has long been my desire to make your acquaintance, having watched you from afar with admiration.  Here upon the turn of a new year I have made it my resolve to give voice to words unspoken, though bold I admit, I would petition with this small gift for a moment of your time before season end, in which we might meet. 

God Bless you and Yours

G. Hardwick

Earl Chichester  



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~arrives about two hours later~


Susan could not have been more astonished to receive a gift from Lord Chichester along with a request for a meeting. She was quite pleased with the notebook. An aspiring writer, she liked to carry one around with her to write down descriptions of things she saw or heard. The one she had been using was almost full, and this one could replace it. It even had her initials embossed on the spine.


She knew who Lord Chichester was and had seen him at court events. He was tall and elegant and always handsomely dressed, certainly a gentleman that was difficult to overlook. But she had never thought that he would be interested in her, as he had never tried to make her acquaintance before.


Did he want to court her? She doubted that he had asked Philip for permission or she would have been told. Considering her brother's temperament, he would be wise to get to know her first, so he could be absolutely certain he wanted to pursue marriage before bringing himself to Philip's attention. Maybe that was why he wanted to speak with her.


Or perhaps he was only interested in friendship. Maybe he, too, liked to write, and had heard that she enjoyed it.  It was also possible that he wished for a favor from the Queen and thought she could help him get it. Other courtiers, male and female, had approached her about such things and had been disappointed when she was unable to assist them.   Susan was both flattered by the Earl's compliments and curious about his motives and saw no harm in meeting him in a public place with her chaperone present. Not even her brother could object to that.


Setting the notebook on her desk, she took out a piece of the finest quality parchment and wrote a reply:



Dear Lord Chichester,


Thank you so much for the lovely notebook. It will be very useful, for I usually carry one with me at all times to write down my thoughts when I am away from my desk.


I will be happy to meet with you in the palace, perhaps in one of the drawing rooms or the library. Please let me know what day and time would suit you, and I can ask Her Majesty for a bit of free time. I will also be at the auction this evening.  Perhaps we can speak with each other then.




Lady Susan Herbert



After signing it and sealing it, she looked down at it, wondering how she should send it.  He wouldn't get it until tomorrow if she didn't send it by a servant, and she had mentioned the auction that was taking place tonight.  There were also only a couple of days left in the season.  After a few moments of contemplation, she sent for a courier to deliver it right away.  Hopefully, her quick response would not make her seem too eager ... or worse ... desperate.


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The swiftness of her return note was pleasing - waylaying her messenger George provided a vocal reply. 

"Would you please thank the Lady from me, and advise her that I shall look for her at tonight’s event. But if our paths do not cross, that I would meet her in the afternoon at four - in the games room. We can have a match of chess if it pleases her." 

After the servant had repeated the message back to him, assuring George that he would remember it in full, he pressed a small silver coin into his hand to ensure an equally swift delivery.    


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(OOC:  I thought I posted this already, but I probably forgot to hit the send button.  Sorry it took so long.)


~arrives about an hour later~


Susan pondered the servant's verbal message. How should she respond? Though she would like to meet Lord Chichester this evening, she would be in disguise and he wouldn't recognize her. If she won him, she would be able to find out what he was like in an informal setting before meeting him formally the next day. “Tell him I will be pleased to play a game of chess with him tomorrow morning if I do not see him tonight.”


The servant took the payment she offered him and returned to George with her message.

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