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Letters to her Friends: Caroline & Elizabeth Anne- Xmas 1677

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A messenger ran though the halls to deliver the notes (written on Lisa Killingtons monogrammed and crest-embossed writing paper)  


Darling Dear, 

Lord Beverly has agreed, and is so kind to promise a fire to keep us warm in attendance of his Gentleman’s Shooting match on Monday afternoon. He did warn that the men shall be talking mens business, but we are more than capable of entertaining ourselves during that boring part.  Do say you shall join me to spectate! Oh, and perhaps bring a tipple of some refreshment to share between us!  

with great affection 


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The knock on her door was unexpected and Anne-Elisabeth sent her maidservant to answer it. Bess came back inside with a missive and the Countess read it, smiling when she saw it was from Nicolette. So her friend had arranged another excursion for them as well as the walk by the river. A shooting match sounded interesting, mainly because there would be plenty of gentlemen there. Maybe that was why Nicolette had invited her, knowing that she wished to meet more of them. She remembered Lord Beverley from the sleigh race. Apparently, the lovely Frenchwoman had captivated him as well.


She replied immediately.



Dearest Nicolette,


I would be pleased to attend the shooting match with you. It sounds like the perfect opportunity for some gentleman-watching and I greatly look forward to it. I will bring a bottle or two of my coconut rum for us to enjoy. I'm sure we will find many interesting ways to entertain ourselves while the men are engaged with their business.


Sincerely and fondly,




Folding it neatly, she sent Bess to find a messenger and have it delivered at once.


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