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Puppies Everywhere!


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A few courtiers had known that his dear darling escapee had puppies. Most did not know that said puppies were brought to His Majesty on poor Chatham's clothing! While they were not ready to go to new homes yet, the King was eager to favor a few people with the offspring of his precious babies.


The following people will be getting notes about puppies:

Audley (he knows IC already)

Francis (he knows IC already)

Nicci - he has a particularly naughty little male in mind for her LOL

Sophia - a girl that wants to "sing" loudly all the time...only it doesn't sound as pretty as sophia :classic_wink:

Davina - someone secured one for her anonymously and is going to gift it secretly/anonymously


(OOC - Davina will get an individualized note, but the others can assume a basic note to prepare for the incoming bundle of joy in a few weeks! I might add one or two more people to the list, but I can't remember if there was a specific # of pups! Whoops! Also, if you aren't on the list and were promised one IC like Audley & Francis, let me know!)

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