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A gift for a beautiful voice | Lady Toledo Sunday- Xmas 1677


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Though the Duke had yet to see that Sophia was sending him something, she was on his gift list for singing the opera that his two gentlemen-artists had written together for His Majesty. The King had greatly enjoyed it. He had been particularly inspired by her huge brooch, and so he sent her earrings and a ring to match it.


There was a short letter to go along with it. After the proper salutations, it read:


"With my thanks for performing the Opera that Masters Greyson and Cole wrote for His Majesty. You helped to bring their work to life.



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~Arrives early evening on Sunday~


Sophia didn't see the Duke of Buckingham's gift until she went up to her room after dinner. She read his note first and then opened the box. “Oh!” she exclaimed in delight. “How thoughtful of him!” The crescent moon brooch, necklace and diadem she had worn in the opera were the only pieces of her costume that belonged to her. Made of opals with tiny diamonds between them in a frame of gold, she had fallen in love with the set in a jewelry store in Madrid and had to buy them. She was thrilled that she now had earrings and a ring to match.


She put them on and admired the way they sparkled in her full length mirror and then sat down to write a thank you note.


Dear Lord Buckingham,


I sent my gift to you before I received yours, so please forgive another note from me, but I must say thank you for the lovely jewelry you sent me. I will always have fond memories of the opera and now you have given me something else to remember it by. I shall wear your beautiful gift at an event before the season ends, so if you glance in my direction, you may see the earrings sparkling in my ears and the ring glittering on my hand.


Thank you again, Your Grace.




Sophia de la Cerda, Lady Toledo


After spritzing the note with her signature vanilla and roses perfume, she folded it, tied it with a golden ribbon, and sent it with a servant to be delivered immediately.



(OOC: The crescent moon brooch was the only brooch that Sophia wore in the opera, so I think that's the one that Buckingham's gift was meant to match?  If not, let me know and I'll edit my post.)


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