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Intent within the Alyth Carriage |after Church 2nd January- Xmas 1677

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Having spotted Lady Aylth at church, Nicolette was reminded of the discussions about said lady with Douglas. Yet the fates seemed very unhelpful at the moment, for now that Catriona was returned, the charming Captain was taken to his own bed (and not even for fun reasons).


He had promised an introduction.


She would need to use her own initiative.


So it was that she reached the carriages - and sought out the one with the ladies crest. Approaching it, she fully expected the driver not to simply admit any tom dick or harry. So, drawing hand from white fur muff, she waived to him to gain attention.


"Excuse me. Excuse me good fellow. Will you turn down the step for me that I may await your mistress discreetly. We have important female business to discuss." The French miss empathised the word female, as within such a context it put men into a dread of further enquiry

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Looking down from his post atop Lady Alyth's coach, MacKenzie peered at the young lady calling up at him. Another one of Cat's Scottish charity cases, MacKenzie had lost an eye in battle and wore a eye patch, but he still could see just fine out of his remaining eye and knew he'd never seen this lady with his mistress. Plus, he had been raised among six sisters, so the female business phrase didn't phase him.


"Afraid I can't be doing that, m' lairdy," he replied, his accent similar to Douglas's. "No one in without m' lairdy's permission." He did sound regretful.


"Here now, Mac. You know the Lady would want you to help a lady and it's cold as all out here," came a masculine voice from the rear of the carriage. In a moment, another member of Cat's Scottish menagerie walked around from the back, wearing a heavy coat over his livery.


"Aye, but I don't know this lady. How do we know she's not out to harm our lairdy, eh?" Mackenzie kept his eye on Nicolette.

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These were good servants, not about to let just anyone in - though also sensitive to a dainty woman’s feet slowly freezing in the snow. Between them they gave her a chance to elaborate upon her petition for admission.


"It is true good sirs, you do not know me; My name is Nicolette Vauquelin." he dipped a small bob in deferance to their current authority of the situation.


"I am very well known to Captain FitzJames, who has been trying to arrange my meeting with Lady Aylth’s for simply months now. You see - and I trust in your utmost discretion - I happen to own her a great sum of money. I have been putting cakes and sweets from her tea shoppe on tick for nearly a year now. But... well I need to meet with her to try to arrange a manner to make good upon my debt. I am not without some small means myself, with an interest in my own store, the Golden Pestle. I am hoping that... Well. You must see I hope, that such business needs to be discussed face to face."


Her expression was entirely earnest, and each word spoken had been sincere truth. That did not of course detail quite all that she'd spoken of with Douglas, of the newly accelerated reasons she wished to ally with the Kings past mistress and mother of his Royal princess.

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MacKenzie eyed the lady as she spoke, still frowning. Why would the miss want into his mistress' coach to be discussing a business debt when it could be taken care of easy enough at the shop? Of course, if she'd been putting those treats on a tab, she could have racked up quite a till. Maybe she thought if she got into the carriage with the mistress, she could get rid of the tab by killing the lady.


The footman didn't seem quite a ready to label the little Frenchwoman as assassin. Plus, he figured, the way she spoke of being 'well known' to Lady Alyth's bastard brother, she was perhaps in a family way by the other Scot. Because, really, who tries to settle a debt from sweets in a carriage right after a visit to the kirk? "So, the captain told you to seek out his sister here? He keeps quarters at Alyth house. Why didn't he just invite you for tea? I would think that'd be an easier, warmer way of getting things done." Neither man moved to open the carriage, though the footman did keep glancing down at her feet. If she was with child with the Lady's niece or nephew, she'd have their heads for keeping the little miss out in the cold. He glanced at MacKenzie, to see what he thought. MacKenzie made no move to open the door either. Then again, MacKenzie was a suspicious bastard.


"How do we know she's not secreting a blade or pistol somewhere on her?," the older Scot asked.


"Mac, even if she were, Lady Alyth can take care of herself," the footman argued. The whole household knew of Cat's penchance for weapons and many were aware she was almost always armed, even at home.


"You sit with her in there until our Lady shows and we'll ask her. If she says yer ta git, ya git." MacKenzie squinted his one eye at Nicolette in a menacing manner.


The footman, nodded, more than happy to get in from the wind. So, it was a win/win in his books. He got to look like a hero to the little lady and got in out of the cold, if only for a few moments. He quickly put down the stairs and opened the door, holding out his hand to assist Nicolette into the carriage. Mac harrumped.

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"No, he did not suggest this at all." Nicci replied, honesty was truly the best policy where Douglas was advised. As good a friend as he was she doubted that he would have the ability or guile to later lie to cover her ass.  No, she would simply state the truth where he was involved.  "Douglas, I mean the Captain, said he would arrange a meeting for me.  And I have also written to the Countess myself.  Yet circumstance has plotted against us, for it has been half a hear and still we have not yet to meet."

"I should think that Lady Aylth will be as relieved as I to finally have our paths converge."

Although while saying this, it occurred to her.

"Unless.  You do not think she has been deliberately avoiding a meeting. Is that the point you are wanting to make? For if it is so, I would prefer to leave before any embarrassment of an personal eviction."


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