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Ball Side Thread: Sneaking Off to Meet Davina- Xmas 1677

Charles Whitehurst

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It was 10 pm and the secret passageway was cold and dark. Fortunately, the lantern he had brought lit the way to the right portal. Pausing, he straightened out his tunic before opening the portal door, expecting to find Davina, and only Davina, on the other side. A bottle of decent wine was in his hand, just in case she wished to imbibe some and had no vintage of her own to offer.

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Having left behind Lady Alice with no ideas as to her true destination Davina gained her rooms without any hinderance. Poppy had seem to many things or so it seemed as she came inside and the door was shut then bolted ...


The room was not large but bigger than one say at St Marks yet decidely richer in decoration as well as furnishings. She had been alocated them some years ago now so they refelected her true self with the pale walls and dark wood and the double windows which she had placed a desk in between and now were covered by the rich moss green velvet drapes.


At one end was her fireplace that too not large but it heated the space upon which was a marble mantle that held small trinkets and things she'd picked up to dried flowers and a watercolor of Matching her brothers Seat. The room carried the scent of lavender which had been tired up in a bunch then tossed over the logs and it was plesant after the smells of the Banqueting Hall and the crush of bodies.


Two tables and a small divan occupied the rest of the space and the half open door led to her bedchamber and she knew that Polly had seen to the two small braziers filled with sea coal that would make the room warmer and as for the bed ..... that would be Heaven indeed!


He would also see her embroidery frame that was set to the right of the hearth for it was a large one and so turned to catch the light from the windows with a chair covered in pale apricot satin beside it. If he was curious he'd find it held her latest work .....


A silver tray placed on the desk held several small glass bottles filled with wine, brandy and a cordial all for his use and two crystal glasses stood ready. There was no food for that would have been to difficult but it could be had if wanted.


Going into her bedchamber she was met by the slight smirk of Poppy who said nothing as she bent to the task of undressing her - removing pins and unlacing until she was in nothing but her chemise and stockings. That too was lifted away and a fresh and warmed one pulled over her naked body to settle right at her knees. Her stockings she left in place for Polly made the guess that removing them acted as 'love play' between them.


She handed Davina a goblet telling her to 'drink it fully leaving nothing' and she did as told her grimace as the bitter brew was swallowed clear on her face. Yet it was a necessary evil she knew and so far had been successful in preventing a pregnancy.


Poppy slipped a fine wool dressing gown of ruby over her chemise, reached down and gathered up her discarded clothing and stood for a long moment fixing her Mistress with a level look.


"The clock strikes ten soon and I will leave. Bolt the door behind me. I will return but if the door is still locked will go again. Have a care My Lady."


It was a risk to meet her lover here but the timing was fortunate for not many would wander these Halls especially those belonging to the Queen and any of her Household!


Going back into the outer room she went at once to pour a brandy and drank it down hoping it might help remove the taste that lingered still - then settled herself to wait.

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There she was in a reddish wool dressing gown. The sight of Davina caused a smile on the young earl's face. Rather than be transfixed by the sight, his eyes moved left and right to assure that they were alone. Once assured that they were alone, he bounded into the room like an eager youth, allowing the door to click closed behind him.


"My lady," he greeted her as he moved to kiss her hand while smiling slyly at what was to come. They had been together already in the morning, so it kept him from attacking her instantly. He set down his bottle and asked lightly, "might I get a tour of your bedroom?" He had never seen the inside of any bedroom of hers and it was really quite an exciting prospect.

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She did not move but merely stared at him as he took her in then quickly came inside the door closing them in together and she smiled - that slow one which she knew made him eager - yet to his credit he simply kissed her hand then asked for a tour of her bedchamber.


She stretched a bit allowing the folds of her robe to fall apart and he would see clear that her legs were stocking-clad and her chemise was just to her knees ...


"You have a curiousity then? Well that is a truth that we have never been in a bed that I lie in only yours and so I shall happily be your guide."


She rose and held out her hand to him and the led him the short distance to the room that lay beyond .... He would see the bed and her trunks along one wall, the two braziers and a round table with two chairs upon which embroidered pillows with floral patterns would make sitting comfortable. She went in a circle about the space giving him time to look at what ever caught his eye before stopping finally by the bed.


"This is where I lie every night and think of how it might be with you beside me. How I imagine what we do here, how I burn for the touch of your hands. But then I am tormented for you are only in my thoughts and so I needs must appease ....."


Her words trailed off for she guessed that he would focus on the bed, imagining what her words did not finish, and she smiled. He was easy to read now. But they had hours she hoped and so was willing to play this out. To tease him. Taunt him. Love him.

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Nothing was lost to his eye about the state of Davina's undress. Charles eagerly appraised that which she afforded to him.


Her room was nice enough, but then one would expect that in the Queen's apartments. His eyes left hers as he looked for anything that might betray some new insight into his lover, a painting or a favorite book perhaps.


She spoke of nights together and it sounded delightful. "I fear we would get little sleep," Charles declared as he removed his jacket and loosened his cravat. Her words riled him, as she knew they would. He moved to close the distance, take her in his arms and kiss her deeply. "And I burn and yearn for you."

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She took his jacket leting it slip thru her fingers to fall to one side onto the carpet they both stood on her eyes on him as he closed the space between then his mouth hungry on hers.


Moaning she welcomed him freely pressing her body aganist him as he took what was offered stoking the fire that burned deep within her. His words about sleep made her chuckle as she came up for air.


"That is the thing of which I have no need of. Unless your aim is to use up all energy and so I am left with it alone? Very well I accept the challenge. But be warned it may well be YOU that concedes."


She took hold of the ends of his cravet, gave a playful tug, then pulling it off altogether.


"Are you ready? Why yes I see that you are ..."


Her gaze went to what was obvious her fingers brushing lightly before she turned dropping her robe to lie beside his jacket then climbed up on the high bed her chemise soon following as she arranged herself for his viewing pleasure.

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Had he given her a challenge? He could not recall it; but then, he was not thinking very clearly. Did I say she would run out of energy first? It was no matter. He was focused on the pleasure of the flesh on display.


As she posed for him, Charles removed breeches and boots. "You drained me well enough this morning my sweet; but, have the vigor now to give you what you want." Some of that vigor was showing in his nakedness.


For the new year he was about to offer to let her take the offensive with his flesh, but she looked so appealing upon the bed that he was certain she was ready for that rough and hungry tumble that usually marked their first bout. So, it was that he leapt up on the bed with a growl and began to smother her with kisses as he stroked her heartily to insure that she was ready for the attack that was imminent.

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She continued to smile at him and was that an amused twinkle her her blue eyes at his own words? Her gaze then drifted to his best feature and lingered one corner of her bottom lip bit as she made efforrt to control her own passions.


"Hurry my love! Hurry!"


Yet twas evident he need not those words for soon he was upon her his mouth to hers his hand stroking her until she all but cried out so eager was she and then he was there taking full control masterful in his Command.


This first coupling was to be rough and fierce she knew it by now and then soft and tender to follow and she was glad that they were together here in her rooms cushioned by the three mattresses, linen sheets, and furred blankets. A cocoon of warmth where pleasure was given and taken.

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Charles needed no goading. The fact that she called him my love was even more exciting. She had always seemed so reserved about her feelings toward him. That she enjoyed him and their time together there was no question. There had always seemed a bit of awkwardness, but maybe it was due to his own feeling that he would not likely wed her, and that she knew that. It could dampen an otherwise inferno they might feel for each other.


Their bout was just lovely, all the more exciting by being in her bed in the Queen's chambers. That sort of danger was a stimulus to many lovers. Was that creak outside someone walking up to the door to listen, or was it just the wind? Davina had assured him that the quarters would be empty until midnight.


"I could get use to this," he chuckled softly as they snuggled. "We should still have another hour before I should go." That meant they had time for at least one more round, and Charles was already feeling up to the challenge without much rest. The excitement of the situation fed his own excitement.

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She had been well loved and now rested within his embrace warmed not only from his actions but by the softness of her bed. Content.


"Only that? Why do you have to leave - there is nothing to take you away from me after all - and tis hardly likely that any will think that we two are locked up here."


She sat up on one elbow looking down at him her dark hair like a cape draped over the whiteness of her skin her face tinged with the flush of her own passion. Curious his putting a time to their joining. Their times together were played out within a time frame that much was true yet here why did he feel such?


"Then we must meet here more often. It will make a nice change from the coldness along the River do you not agree?"


She trailed a finger slowly down his chest pausing so that her nail might 'tickle' here and there and at his words she paused to smile at him saying


"Really? Why you are quick! Since you must leave I want to entice you to not hurry and mayhap you might impress me with some 'new' skill ...."


Her hand continued its journey until she found the evidence where her touch would certainly cause him some excitement.

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"I would enjoy meeting here more often," Charles confessed ... "but it would be reckless I think. Tonight no one is here, but on a normal night, even after midnight, how could I explain might sneaking into or out of your room if I am caught? I can manage an excuse that I am hunting down villians, bit I hardly think that will convince anyone. The Queen could have me disciplined, and it could go worse for you unless you claim that you knew nothing of my sneaking about." As lovely as her bedroom was it hardly was worth th erisk of getting caught.


As for why he had to leave early, he did not venture an excuse. They had been together most of the day and she knew that short visits made for long chances to avoid detection. She was already tempting him with trailing fingers, the vixen. "A new skill?" It was not new but he hardly practiced on her because she drove him mad with lust. "I believe some ladies enjoy a tongue well-placed ... here." He reached for her crouch. "Let me show you." With that he slid down to try his skill at it. He was still relatively new to the concept since he was so enamoured with swiving. "But I really must return to the ballroom within the hour. I would not want you to think that I have no other obligations," he offered lightly. Perhaps the tongue work would get her mind off it.

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"Yes. I can see how you would think such and in all truth I would not want to have either of us 'caught out' for then I think no explination would be good enough."


"So all the more reason why this time is precious."


She whispered aganist the skin of his chest her breath warm then followed by a few teasing kisses. He words stilled her and she looked up eyes meeting his in question.


"I do not undersatnd what you mean by a 'well-placed tongue'? Show me...?"


His movement caused their pairing to be rearranged and by the time she had figured it out he had reached for her and fondled that place where she was most sensitive only to follow hand with mouth. She tensed unused to this 'skill' and unsure if it was something that she should allow him to do.


While she was thinking he was teasing with his tongue and soon she shut her mind to all but the sensations that were building within and she cried out hands making fists of the sheets as her body rocked and shook. What was happening! How was this possible!


She cried out his name once twice thrice as she tumbled over the edge.

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Charles was not well-practiced in the art and it was not his favorite endeavor, but he knew that some women liked it. Having wanted to impress Davina with his love and attention, he felt inclined to give it a try to see if she liked it. She did. He could now only hope that she would not want to keep him for hours doing that, for it did not depend on a gentleman's recuperative vigor.


"Ha," he laughed. "I think you liked it." There was still more time for one more tumble, but then he would need to be on his way.

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"I think tis a SIN!"


She whispered into the air that was between them, her eyes still closed, yet her smile would indicate that she was hardly complaining.


"I have a great thirst of a sudden. " She sat up tossing her mane of black hair then inched her way to the side of the bed, gave a shiver, then reached for her dressing gown calling out to him as she slipped in on over her nakedness.


"Come with me tis warmer there and I have wine. You must be as thirsty as I ..."


She held out a hand behind her as she moved but would continue walking regradless if he took it or not. He had set a time frame and she was but making it easier for him to take his leave earlier if he wished for it. Not that she wanted him to leave - she would hint at another coupling perhaps before the fire on the turkey carpet or even the chaise.


Reaching the table she took up a decanter and poured liquid into two glasses then turned to see if he had followed her.

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There was still time, so he followed, content that she seemed to enjoy his attempt to please her. He far preferred the traditional coupling, but the evening was for new adventures.


He paused to listen for sounds of movement outside the room. He could not afford to be discovered in the Queen's quarters without his clothes, let alone be caught with Davina. As such, he cocked his head to assure himself that they were still alone.


The fire felt good. "A quick drink perhaps, but I am nervous about ladies returning soon." Once beside her he reached to lift one of her legs over his lap so that he might stroke it lightly as they spoke. "So, are you going to sneak away with me after the season ends?" She had always resisted the idea but seemed to becoming much more in need of his attentions of late.

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She smiled then took a quick sip as he took one leg onto his lap fingers absently stroking little sparks fluttering in her tummy then traveling lower.


"There is no need for it - I have said that my rooms do not connect with the other Maids and so tis unlikely, especially tonight, that any will wander here until after the clock strikes the New Year."


"Shall I? I have never done that and yet now I find myself wanting to be taken to some new place to be alone with you without fear. Have you a place in mind?"


She tilted her head back and closed her eyes as his fingers played and so she moved herself enough to allow him to find that which he sought and once she burned twas an easy thing to turn and sit astride him drawing his lips to hers to tease and then encourage to move lower.


Her hair flowed about them like a silken cape as her passions built and she rocked drawing him tighter and tighter until he too would soon reach his breaking point. There was no one to hear as she cried out his name or if he cried out hers.

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"I mentioned Bagshot Park. It is a royal hunting lodge and no one would bother us there," he reminded her. Davina had been reluctant in the past, but she seemed to be warming to the idea of taking risks.


What had begun as an innocent leg fondle ignited into something more pressing with Davina. As she reached her endpoint and cried out, he whispered her name in return. The name Davina was for whispers of admiration, as opposed to shouting. It would not do justice to her name to treat it less than the honor it deserved.


"Now I really must go," he exclaimed as he moved to clean himself and get dressed. "I fear you have worn me out," he chuckled. It was not far from the truth.

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She stretched luxuriating in the moment yet all too soon he made his start which made her in turn sit up then reach for her discarded robe drawing it over her nakedness then rose and went to the hearth where a copper bowl had sat. She took up a flannel and used it for the handle of the kettle and poured the now heated water calling out to him


"Let me. Help you I mean."


Once the bowl was half filled she carefully walked with it to the desk and set it down then dropped the flannel cloth into the steaming water. Wringing it she then went to his side handing him the cloth for his face first.


"Bagshot Park? Yes you have said it before and I know what it is. Far enough away yet within an easy ride."


She took the cloth dipping it again into the water and repeated the process each time as he cleaned his body. She was acting the servant but it was nothing - she was showing him another side to her personality. He knew of her nuturing nature as did many and it was common enough knowledge about Court.


"I should like to go there. With you Charles. When the grass is green and flowers bloom and the scent of Spring is everywhere. Will it be possible?"


"Are you going to the sled race? I shall not. Tis too cold and I much prefer the warmth here and so I shall not see you." A small pout graced her lips.


"Yes. Now I shall send you off to ... what I wonder? But no matter. I have had you here and there - " She looked to her bedchamber "And I will not ask for more. You will be quite safe to retrace your steps Charles. If you are seen will be servants only and you have 'reason enough' to go anywhere in Whitehall."


She stepped from his side and stood with her back to the heavy drapes knowing that their color and her gown married well and with her hair long and in disaray about her the picture she made would be one he will remember.


"Happy New Year Charles. I wish for only fantastical things to happen!"

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Indeed it was another side of Davina that Charles saw. Already charmed by her enticing passion, she played a more domestic role with the warm cloth. How thoughtful. "Let me help you as well," he offered, reaching for a cloth. Women generally needed more cleaning, or so was his experience.


"Yes, we can go when the weather is warmer. It is actually owned by my wards, but I have free use of it whenever. Though it is grand in the spring, and even better in the autumn, there is a certain fondness for being trapped in its confines with a cold gale outside." He was already smiling as he completed the thought. "We would need to stay in bed and share body heat." His suggestive grin widened.


As for the race on the morrow. "I was thinking about taking Frances to join me in the sleigh," he disclosed. "There is so little thaan you can do with a 12 year old that I thought this might be a fun thing that she would remember the rest of her life." Sadly, he was naive of the resulting reception.


"And a Happy New Year Davina." He moved to take her in his arms one last time that evening. "Because of you, 1677 was a fantastic year, and it shall be only better next year," he flattered. In fact, he was about to do the fantastical with Susan later, chasing ghosts, but he assumed she meat fantastic instead. He moved to kiss her deeply goodbye before taking his leave.

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She accepted his own gesture and was pleased by it as twas a 'thing' not given to those of his sex to do.


"So that disobident girl holds it? Wards - how many do you have Charles?" Confused for a moment as to what he meant and if she had forgotten what he might had told her.


"That idea of being 'bed-ridden' appeals very much and I shall look forward to it."


Her double-meaning would be clear and if he had any doubt her smile and the twinkle in her eyes would make it clear.


"But is she not untrustworthy? Will you risk her running off as she has before? I have said this afore to you - I do not understand the ways in which you think! You seem unwilling to be Firm and to Rule over her - do you fear the King? Is that why you allow her behavior?"


"The King holds no control now as the Wardship was given to you and she is thereby your property to use as you will. At twelve I can assure you every daughter of a Peer and even of one not has been taught the proper attitudes and behaviors. When she errs then a harder lesson is given and if she still is unyielding then beat her."


Davina's logic was that of one of her own Class who had been well taught and at one time or another beat herself until all the points had been learned.


"Why do you not employ a woman in your household to be that Teacher? Her own Mother has failed but are there no other relatives that you can send her to? Perhaps she would be better off in the country where less harm can be done?"


"Happy New Year Charles!" She answered back raising up on her toes to kiss him. "I hope that what you say comes to pass! Are you leaving now?"


Her sigh was drawn out as she half turned from him her eyes downcast the picture of melancholy. Yes he would leave and then she would cleanse herself and drink wine before the fire to listen for the Bells of the Abbey ......

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"I have two wards," Charles confirmed. "Frances and her mother Abigail. Her mother was broken by the death of her husband, placed in Bedlam, where they did bad things to her head and now she is mostly a silent and simple woman," he revealed. There was more to the story but he preferred not to say more.


"I hired a tutor for Frances but not a governess to teach her how to be a lady. That was my failing. I thought of her as a child mostly."

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"Two? Why would the King add on her Mother for you to worry on? Tis an unfortunate circumstance to be sure that the Mother suffered such yet you are hardly in a position to deal are you?"


"I am saddened to hear of this yet why is it your burden to deal with? Are there no Relatives - no wait if there are then the King would not have done this deal He would have called for them to come forward and take them ...."


"And ARE there relatives somewhere Charles? Have you searched them out? I mean it would be unbelievable to have no kin anywhere."


She gave a small shake of her head as she moved to where the decanted sat and took it up going to his side to offer a refill if he wanted and then fill up her own glass then continuing.


"A girl of ten and two is no child Charles. She is old enough to be a wife and Mother - has she begun her courses yet? How long ago did this thing happen with the Mother? I ask because up to that point Francis would have been trained already and perhaps there was even a pre-contract made with some family. A tutor? For what exactly?"


"You speak as if she is some wild child without Manners or Grace! So you see her differently now?"


There was something being left out in this tale she was sure but now was not the time for any discussion and she had no real right to mettle either. Time to calm it down.


"I am sorry Charles. I have spoke out of turn. Its just that you are precious to me and I dislike the idea that you are tormented by all of this and that there is nothing I might do to help."


"You are not angry?".


She moved a bit closer to his side

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"No relatives that are known," Charles lamented, though he was not sure how hard Silas Moorehead had searched. "The girl was placed in the Court of Wards, while it still existed. The head of the court, Silas Moorehead, was corrupt and tried send the mother away so he could steal the girl's fortune. I feel guilt because I was part of the Court of Wards myself and worked with Moorehead for a time to gain his favor ... mostly so he would not marry me off to the highest bribe. After I learned of his corruption with Abigail and her mother, I rescued Frances from the streets and Abigail from Bedlam. When I informed the King, he disbanded the Court of Wards, arrested Moorehead, and gave Frances and Abigail into my care. They were already living with me anyway. I was trying to protect them, as I still do today. I hope you will understand." He paused to see look for a flicker of understanding. More details would need to wait.


"Her mother was taken away about two years ago. When Moorehead tried to send her away, Frances ran away and lived in the streets of London for perhaps a year. This is why she has a penchant to run and be wild. She was nine or ten when I first knew her. She is growing up fast." As for the tutor, he mostly teaches her singing lessons. I have been looking for a governess proper, but have yet to find one."


He assured Davina that he was not angry with her. To prove it, he held her tight for a moment. "When you meet her you can draw your own conclusions."

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She did not interupt as he told his tale and once he was done and she was held aganist him she said


"I am sorry. What you have said is not the tale I had thought to be the right one. I misjudged the circumstances. I am sorry for the harsh things I have said."


The words a bit muffled by his clothing.


This was a new twist indeed and she'd need to think this through - his ward she had assumed had been from The King who had sold it off to Charles - but now hearing of these things her heart softened for the poor girl.


"Tis a fine thing you are doing. In Truth Charles." She pulled back from his embrace a bit and looked up at him. "You had no reason to involve but you did and naturally the concern still remains. I understand why now you have had such frustrations regarding the girl and I could not see the reason for her behaviors."


"But still she needs must be brought to heel, albit in a gentler form perhaps, and should show you the Deference you deserve as her Savior and Protector. Does she have an attachment or feelings to you that makes controling her not possible? You are too young to be a Father but an older Brother of course and certainly no Husband!"


"If you allow I shall try to aid you as best I can but I might become as you - full of impatiance and waning to give up - but I think that Francis needs some GOOD to happen now. Do you not agree?"


Davina was serious in her offer but just how she was to start it or what she would even do was a mystery.


The small clock on the mantle chimed the half hour and that broke the mood.


"And now I shall send you away. Have a care Charles for there are ruffians and worse out this night and the dawn of a New Year will not change that."


She fretted about his jacket and then collar her fingers lingering at the nape of his neck to curl into his hair then she smiled, reached up on tip toe, and kissed his mouth. A sweet kiss that he would see was true and sincere.


"Now go. Take my smile and words to heart and I shall see you soon - perhaps even on the morrow!"


Stepping back from him she smiled wrapping her dressing gown about her person for the room was cold now that the fire had burned down to embers.

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"My brother Bradley thinks Frances loves me," Charles disclosed; "but, she is a child. Children develop whimsical attachments." He remembered as a boy that he had fallen in love with every pretty girl in the county, at least for a short time. He assumed every adolescent did.


"She was fine until ... until I invited Catherine Sedley to dinner one night," he admitted. Even his uninformed mind was now seeing a connection. Now he regretted telling Davina because Davina loved him too. Would that make her hate the girl? He did not want that to happen. "She wrote a farewell note and ran away in the morning."


Afraid that he was going to be criticized for being oblivious, he tried to defend himself. "She is really still a child." It sounded feeble. Did not Davina already tell her that a 12 year old was deemed grown? But, no one debuted a 12 year old girl at court. He was feeling a bit awkward.


"She does need some good. It is why I intend to take her to the sleigh race. That should cheer her."

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Davina digested this bit of information with a slight narrowing of her eyes but held back any words. It would serve no purpose and besides how could she assert herself when she had not that right?


"Well at least you have a reason for that behavior - she is no child Charles as you are thinking. At ten and two she could well be wed by proxy already and living with her in-laws waiting out the year for when it will be consummated."


"Ah. There in lies the problem. She has formed an attachment indeed and then you bring another female into the picture. She has only ever seen you with HER I take it? So the sight of a woman older and obviously with some ... attachment ... to you just made her hidden feelings for you unbearable."


"She is no child so stop saying it. She has found the means by which to have Control over you and tis obvious it has worked. Plus your own thinkings, misplaced as they are, only added to it. Now you placate and will bring her out into Public eye? What do you think she will do then hmm?"


"I will wager she will bolt given a chance and as I know YOU I'll wager your grip will be iron-fisted."


She sighed and gave a quick shake of her head then added


"But now is not time or place as you needs must be off. If I were to go - no I have already said I will not - bit if I had planned to be there would you allow me to observe her? I want to see if she teases or is plotting."


"Now go. Forget about this and have a Merry Night!"


Her smile was all sincerity and he would be thankful she had guessed that there were no words said in anger regarding Sedly and there were many she could utter too!

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