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What a man does before a ball | 31st day [CD]- Xmas 1677

Francis Kirke

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Francis woke early on Friday morning in order to begin to compose the note his uncle wished him to send to Melville. He was no great writer like the duke, so it had taken him some time to compose something worthy. Even short. Their next meeting was on the new moon which was yet some days away, but he needed to also give Melville enough time to figure it all out.


That evening was a ball, which he generally did not enjoy, being a mediocre example of dancing. However, he was going to see his close friends, like Nicolette, so that was one point in favor. Another was that he was escorting someone who would guarantee good conversation whilst also keeping ladies looking for dances away. Not to mention he enjoyed her company.


He headed into town late in the morning to finish his Christmas shopping and make a few inquiries regarding Buckingham's impending rise to Grand Master since he had been tasking with drumming up the appropriate grandeur.


Already halfway there, a short trip was then made to Kingston to see his mother and make final arrangements for some small gifts for their tenants. They had discussed the local traditions of Wassailing the apple orchard as part of the Twelfth NIght celebrations. Kingston was known for its cider. Francis was keen to get on with the local people, for he had always been among commoners and felt one of the best parts of his newfound nobility was in improving the lot of those who lived on and surrounding his little lands.


He had left her readying for the ball that evening and had a drink at the local pub before heading back to get ready himself.


He required far less time than a woman, that was certain. When the time came, that did not keep his servant from fussing over him in a way that he never had before Francis had moved in with Buckingham. Now he always found himself up to his nose and down to his toes in lace and other such finery. Belatedly, he thought he should have found out what color the lady was wearing. At the least, he could have likely arranged a sash that would compliment, for changing costumes entirely was no last minute thing to attempt. Alas, he had not thought of any of it until he was watching his man rub his cravat pin spotless.

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