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Hoping for a Morning Guest (Dec. 31 morning)- Xmas 1677

Charles Whitehurst

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The Earl of Langdon had arrived early to Somerset Palace in hopes that a certain veiled lady might call upon him. In his steward's office, he looked out the windows upon the Thames, fighting the sleepiness he felt. Frankly, he needed a nap and he could only hope that Davina would arrive so that they might nap together in their bedroom suite. The only qustion was whether she had understood his message and would arrive. He found himself pacing ... .

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His message had been well understood and so here she was. Yet again.


To any of the many eyes that no doubt watched she might have been a familiar figure dressed in her dark blue servicable wool gown and an equally dark wool cloak with its hood that obscured her face. It would take a very keen and observant eye that noticed the boots she wore were hardly that of a servant - polished and clean - and in the way she carried herself as she walked across the compound and entered thru a side doorway.


Even inside the building her breath blew white and her gloves had gotten damp and now the cold seeped its way in making her rub her hands together as she followed the man that always admited her but said very little. She could only hope that He would have thought of her, and himself, and so had the proper libations all at hand!


Arriving at last she went past her bearer and thru the archway to tap on the solid wooden door and after a pause opened it herself entering and seeing it closed firmly behind her.


"Charles? Splendor of God but its cold ..... I am in need of Warmth!"


She smiled across to him watching as he made his way to where she stood.

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Fatigue vanished as Charles turned to behold her. His eyes lit with delight and smile was broad. She had come to him.


"I'll give you warmth," he uttered as he moved quickly to embrace her tightly to him and kiss her deeply. His office had but a small coal stove in it for warmth. He did not use the fireplace regularly, preferring to use the wood for the nearby bedroom suite.


"I should also warm you by paddling your behind red for your antics last night," he whispered lightly as he broke the deep kiss. "You almost gave us away."

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She was taken in at once engulfed into his embrace the pressure of his mouth demanding entrance and she willingly complied until he was the one that broke it then spoke about the evening past.


She had the grace to look sorry for it however saying that


"I can but only say that I was overtaken by some spirit who made mischief and I also did not like the fact that you brought Sedley so openly there - not the ideal place to flaunt your mistress Charles."


She stepped away to remove her cloak and gloves then going to stand close to the coal stove holding out her hands to its heat.


"Not that I have a right to You but rather out of consideration for Lady Toledo - most of the Gentlemen there knew who she was last kept by and if rumor is correct wishes to see it re-kindled. Even Baintree thought it curious but then that tis of no consequence. He himself dallies with another man's cast off as well."


"Lady Toledo I'm sure did not equate Sedley and You as lovers so that tis a good thing but no doubt by the end of today she will. Someone will make it known."


"Enough of that. Will you give me something strong to drink? Are we to stay here or ..."


Her gaze traveled to the door that led to the other room.


"And I suppose I must attone for my bad behavior and so I shall take my 'punnishment' in whatever way you think best."


She reached up and gave a gentle tug on the laces at her bodice slipping them thru their holes and he would see clear that she had left her stays off and wore only a simple linen chemise beneath. Under her skirts he would find a few petticoats, white stockings tied at each knee with a pale blue satin ribbon, her boots and little else. She had rubbed scented oil over her entire body and the scent of musk and rose would tease and entice all at the same time.


She shivered in anticipation and hoped he would leave off the offer of drink until later.


Much later.

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"Do keep it confidential," he whispered, "but, Sedley would like to reunite with York and I am assisting her in trying to make the Duke jealous. That is why I am being seen with her of late. We shall see whether it works or not." It was all true and it had the beauty of suggesting that he was getting nothing out of the relationship.


"But enough of distractions. You are here and that is the only thing important to me now." As she undid her laces, it aroused an already aroused man. "Yes, strong drink is awaiting us in our suite," he replied as he swept her from the office, into the hallway and then to the bedroom that she knew well enough. The door was locked behind, the key being in the lock. A fire was burning in the room's fireplace but the room was still cool.


The hot coals in the fireplace matched the burning in his eyes. He had been gentle with her in the past, but she had invited him to dole out some punishment, no doubt of the carnal kind. So it was that he lifted her and slung her on the bed without fanfare, laughing as he did so, while loosing the buttons on his trousers as quickly as he might. His jacket was tossed aside but he remained mostly clothed, just a patch of flesh free yearning to unite with hers.


There was no time to disrobe her or himself. He was afire with lust to have her at once. perhaps being dressed, as least at first, added a bit of spice. "You minx, I shall warm you with my burning passion to have you at once!" And so he pounced upon her, with no desire to hurt her, but to take her breath away with his body lunge, and then the more important intimate lunge to follow ... .

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She heard his reasonings and naturally found them to be lacking. That he had the need to 'invent' made her think that he was more involved with Sedley than she had first thought.


"Indeed? After all this time there is Hope for a re-pair - I had not thought York the type and now you say you act as what ...a shield for her so that she may freely go back to Him? What I wonder lies in it for you at the conclusion?"


She gave a small shrug of her shoulder adding


"Yet this is far from my business and what you chose to do Charles is your own."


He gave her no reply to that but instead took her off at a pace that told her he was hot already to have her and it was true and it was also clear that he wanted this joining to be rougher which suited her own mood perfectly.


She landed on the bed and had hardly a chance to draw a breath before he was at her pushing up her skirts and undoing buttons and setting free the object of her desire.


His hands roamed and pushed at her flesh and her own arms tugged him tight aganist her open bodice where the part in her chemise revealed her tender flesh encouraging his mouth to taste. Her legs warpped about his waist and her heels prodded him her cries of his name whispered into his ear and her breath ragged as her own passions began to build.

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"If you could find a way to assist the repair with York successfully, it might mean that she would no longer be in my company," Charles offered. It was true, he suspected. He supposed the Prince would not wish his mistress in the arms of another, not thinking of the mercurial Heather. Maybe Davina would be motivated to help Catherine with York if it meant it would free Charles from a rival of hers.


Back to the bedroom ... these hurried and passionate bouts led to more rapid and thunderous release, as the expectation had been building over the last few days. He assumed, having no knowledge of such things, that she was using the wondrous sponge she had displayed on a previous visit, suggesting her immune to risk of pregnancy. As such, he did not seek to withdraw at time of climax. rather, he pounded her flesh feverishly as he sought to burn her inside with a seed that felt molten just prior to release.


As she called his name, he whispered hers in the same ragged cadence. There was no ceasing of his plumbing motion until he was satisfied that Davina had climaxed as often as he might hope. Langdon was young and strong, so he could continue exertions longer than many might.


When all was done, he stayed atop her to kiss her and exclaim "this was a great deal more fun than last night's party, don't you think?" It caused a good chuckle. "this is what I was thinking of when I saw you last night."

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She marched him in shared passions and when his release came she drew him closer if that were possible and soon her own end followed.


Breathless she lay beneath his weight eyes closed savoring the fact he had not withdrawn as was his custom. She knew this was an exception so savored the moment. That he too had taken enjoyment she sensed but then the moment was broken by his reference to the party of the night before.


She shifted slightly but not enough to move him still with her eyes shut


"What tale did you spin for Sedley - we will no doubt see each other at the Ball - since she stated you are her 'escort' and I will need to know to keep you from Trouble. Do not think she believes any of what was told. I think she is suspicious by nature and possessive of You as well."


"The fact she uses you to get to York and you follow willingly I do not understand. How men make free with women used by other men like some shared prize I shall never understand! I have no claim on you Charles yet I made free as if it were so and for that I am sorry. Sedley would have wanted to know why I took a liberty so .... best tell me all you said that way I might approach her fully armed so to speak."


Her eyes opened and looked at him with a steady gaze


"And you remain Safe. I do not trust her and she can and will make trouble for us both unless we are in agreement. Lie with her all you wish but do so on your own terms not hers."


Davina had thought that she and Charles might indeed marry but that was a foolish idea she saw that now. Sedley held him and he, so she guessed, wanted her as well. And to be honest she cared little for all the layers their relationship was creating. She had enough plots and intriguing amongst other Courtiers and her own reputation was paramount.

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There was still the afterglow of the moment notwithstanding the serious discussion about Catherine, or so Charles imagined. He enjoyed the close contact with Davina.


"She thinks I plotted with you to make her jealous. That would explain your arm with mine. You are correct in not knowing whether she believes me. No doubt she will approach you soon enough and ask how well you know me. I should think that we just say we know each other well enough through our official duties don't you think? Of course, you could confess that you are just as smitten with me as I am with you," he chuckled. "I think I left her unsatisfied with my answers. Perhaps you will have better ones at the ready." He was happy to hear anything she might invent.


As she muttered about her lack of claim on him, Charles took her hand and kissed it before placing it on his heart. "That is not true. I would not be so very happy to see you if you did not have some hold on me," he whispered. "It is only you that brings me such joy."


Lifting himself from her body temporarily he reached for the bedside table and collected the items waiting there. Two silver lockets were in his hand as it returned One bore the insignia of the Queen and the other the King. He rolled to sit beside her as he presented the Queen's locket to her, a lock of his hair inside. It was dangled in front of her eyes, awaiting her hand to clutch it.


As for the rest of their conversation, it would need to wait.

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"I think you are not taking my warning to heart Charles. Sedley thinks what she thinks and I doubt it leads to any 'plot' concieved by you and as for what I may have by way of further explanation well ...."


His taking of her hand to kiss then placed upon that spot where his heart beat beneath made her leave off what had been ment to follow next and his words tugged at her conscience.


She had been of a mind of late that this meeting between her and Charles was not a thing to progress further than what they shared now. That Marriage was not likely and the idea of being his Mistress while he beded another or even took someone new caused not only a feeling of hurt but also one that seemed to suggest that she was thinking about looking about as well.


"I am glad that I bring you Joy. i would not have it other wise. Yet I can not help but be worried for us both. Not only of Sedley but of any that she might speak to. If she feels that You are not her's alone - York aside - then what will we do?"


She half raised herself supported on her elbows as he took up two objects and then dangled one before her telling her what they were.


"Charles? Tis what you said you would find? Truly?"


Her hand caught at one which showed the Queen and she saw what was within and emotion welled up and her eyes filled and tears trickled as she looked at it closer.


"Your hair? And the other ..." She reached for that and turned it but it held nothing and the meaning was clear. "You shall have one of mine before I leave I promise you. How wonderfully clever you are! Why this will not at all seem a Lover's Token but one that might be gifted from either of their Majesties!"


She wiped at her cheek smiling then crawled to him winding her arms about his neck pressing her naked body aganist him her weight adding effort so that he would be forced to lie back or at the very least scoop her up aganist his own body. Blue eyes met his and held his gaze then dipped to his mouth before she closed the space and kissed him softly at first then again with added intent and she whispered in between "This pleases me and I shall treaseure it as I do You ......"


He would know what came next no futrther words would be necessary.

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"Let me worry about Sedley. Feign ignorance of anything she asks. Cannonballs, you could even ask her about another gentleman you profess interest in," he encouraged. "That should put her off the scent I think. I will protect our secret and protect you Davina."


The reaction to the lockets was as he hoped. His tender smile reflected his joy at the precious moment they shared. He allowed himself to be bent backwards in her embrace though a finger raised to catch the tear that flowed from her eye. "And you are my greatest treasure," he whispered in the pillow talk they shared.


It was more than talk that the pillow felt. After the tender kisses and gentle strokes during the gift giving, Charles slid his body to intersect with hers again. At first the pillow felt the gentle rhythm of the back of Davina's head as she was pressed by the body above her. As the pace quickened, as if often did, it was the face of Langdon's lover that was mashed more violently into the pillow as he had climbed behind her so that she might feel the fury of the passion that beat in his heart and loins for the dark haired minx. The ending allowed him to lay atop her back so that he might whisper in her ear and kiss her neck. It seemed so natural that he lay atop her, ignoring all else in the world for a moment.


"Is all well with you?" he whispered quietly.

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His suggestions she did not think were of much merit but she would do as he asked all the same. Or at least try when it came to Sedley.


She would indeed take up a dagger and cut off a lock of her dark hair as she'd promised but that was for leave taking and when he shifted his body and then hers she gave over to the rising tide of emotions and she found herself turned about as he increased his pace and soon she tumbled over the edge and when spent he remained his weight full upon her but not in an unplesant way.


He whispered his question quietly as he kissed her neck and other areas and soon she shifted so that she could answer properly yet still keep his body close.


"Well enough. I shall be right glad for this Season to end in many ways for tis so over crowed here at Court and yet that same allows for me to come to you without suspicions."


She nuzzled closer her lips reaching up to kiss his cheek her eyes drowsy with her relaxed state and fingers trailing lightly down his back and lower in no set pattern just knowing that it would please him.


"What will you do on New Year's then? We are to Norfolk as tis Custom although I think I not as 'welcom'd' as last year. The Duchess wants me for cousin George and Baintree has climbed into Norfolk's pocket and so pressures me as well. I spoke freely to Her Grace and said I would not for I do not think Norfolk will disinherit his eldest son no matter how the Sun shines on the second family."


"And we are pressured to do as Norfolk and others' and convert at least in Public although Baintree thinks I shall be free to practice in private upon said Marriage yet I am in truth torn for the right direction."


"What of you? What has happened with Frances - she still runs wild? I can not see how you allow that Charles. She is your Ward by Decree and thus You her Master. Her disobedience must be quit."


"Tell her that if she does not conform then you will sell her Wardship to the highest bidder - tis your right - and then she may get worse. Why does she rebel? Young girls have many 'troubles' that are not easy to define. They hear tales and stories and so think tis how things are and oft times simpy act to cause shock not with any true intent to cause harm."


"Have you had anyone speak of this and what you might do?"


She knew his ward caused him worries and for Davina it made no sense that he allowed it to continue. He should assign some Matron to stand watch with a thin switch to render punishments. Charles was an Earl and her future would come from his Name and House after all.


Twas too bad that there was no Convent to send her to for there the Nuns would beat that rebellion out of her and see her returned docile and full of obeyance!

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The nuzzling was welcome. The discussion of matches with Nofolk were less so. What was he to say after all? Was he to venture an opinion on the topic? He was already beginning to learn that women were unlikely to find opinions of men especially welcome. This was especially true when he could offer her marriage and did not. It was a heavy guilt that he bore on the topic. What was he to say? At last he ventured what he thought the safest. "You should do what you want. That could be an awkward day at Norfolk's I imagine," he tried to empathize. "Mayhap you become ill and unable to attend?"


Charles actually agreed with Baintree that Davina should convert. If she did, if would remove his principal objection to marrying her; but, she revealed that the conversion would be in name only.


"I am not certain what I shall do on New Years ... other than think of you of course," he whispered. Flattery never hurt, especially when there was truth in it. Had they not been together in this moment, he would have suggested that they meet on the morrow.


As for his ward, he was heartened to hear someone on his side for once. "I am so glad you say this. I have been sorely vexed by ladies suggesting I am too harsh with her. I would never sell her wardship." The idea had not even occurred to him. "I am too fond of her to do that," he admitted. "You know, I think she wants to marry me. That's what my brother Bradley thinks anyway. That may explain some of the reason why she acts up. She hated me marrying Jeanne and she fears I will marry another. That must sound silly to you. She's not even 12. What do you think I should do? I keep her a prisoner in her room because I cannot trust that she will not try to runaway again. She is refusing to eat in protest. She will come to realize in time that I am right in protecting her."

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"I can hardly plead illness. I will not be believed."


She frowned a bit not really eager to go as he suspected.


"Will you? Think of me? That is a nice thing to say Charles and so derserving of this."


She reached up to place a kiss on his cheek then nuzzled the spot to whisper that she too would have in him in her own thoughts.


"Really? I can not think what Lady would advise that you are too harsh. Who speaks such? And also does Frances not understand the placement of her with you was by King's Command and that tis you who have saved her from who knows what Fate if that had not occurred?"


"What. Marry You? Why would she assume such - do you encourage it or your brother or someone in your househiold perhaps? So your brother has said to her or just to you that he thinks tis a good thing? It would be ruinous indeed?


"She is twelve and without any clear authority. You allow her to have the run of your house Charles and she abuses it and then creates even more folly. It is none of her business what your are or chose to do. That fact needs to be made plain. She pouts no doubt then allows for great tears to flow or even seeks out others' to aid her - I'll wager she tells a Tale to any in hopes that she will be believed!"


"Do? Well play her Game back. She refuses food so be it. She refuses to do as commanded then she must now bear the consequences for it. Tell her that if she runs away again that this time you not not look nor will you send out any to look. She wishes to be a creature of the Streets then let her."


"Why, offer to sell her to a madame! Say what a merry time that would be - obey the Madame and in return food clothes a place to sleep and all the attention she wants from MEN. That how glad she will be to be finally rid of your Company. I doubt she is a virgin anyway but that can be discovered quick enough."


"Talk to her with a firm quitness as if this matter is nearly in place and then see how she responds. Make her chose Charles. To remain and obey and learn to be the ward of the Earl of Langdon with all the 'benefits' or be ruled by another woman and take your chances. Either way make it plain that you will tolerate nothing more from her."


"If I were her I would quake in my stockings in fear that you would indeed toss me out!"

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"Rest assured that I shall be wearing your locket under my cravat tomorrow," he whispered as they nuzzled. "If you feel flush, it shall be that I am holding the locket tightly in my hand tomorrow and thinking impure thoughts of what we might be doing together ... the very same thing we are doing now." He smiled at the thought as his head rested against hers.


After Davina provided her recommendation on how best to break Frances, Charles thought blazing cannons and they think I was too tough on her! "How would it look if it was learned that I threatened to turn out my ward to be a whore? I take my role more seriously. I know you were suggesting that it all be a bluff, but what if she calls my bluff?" It would lead to an awkward moment. Nor could he promise to not look for her. That was his job as her guardian. "Maybe someone else could threaten that," he mumbled, mostly to himself. There was Amy, who was a former whore. Yet, it all seemed too harsh. Locking her in a room seemed appropriate to a man who enjoyed taking prisoners.


"It is a pity that you cannot come over to visit and scare her stockings off," he chuckled very lightly. "I would love to have you come to my house for all sorts of reasons; but, as you say, it would be ruinous for you. Who might else do it?"

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"I am not suggesting that is what will actual take place Charles. Even that would be too harsh yet the mere idea that you entertain thoughts on how best to deal with her might cause Frances to rethink her own actions."


"So what if she does? She thinks you are 'bluffing' well then allow her to call you and she what tricks she employs next. Make it clear that you have had enough and since she has no thanks in her for all that you have done for her and her Lady Mother then why should you continue."


"And you have no Obligation to retain her wardship after all. She is not Kin and the King would think nothing of it if you were to sell it - HE sold it to you after all."


"I should much like to vist you there for all the reasons you are thinking now - and more. Yet it would be as you say too risky. And what cause would I have to go? Another to aid you?"


"That will be difficult. Her Mother is of no help then? Hmmm .... Perhaps tis best to leave off on that until after the New Year? For now continue on as you are with her - confine her to her rooms if you must and employ only a person that you Trust Absoultely to act as Watcher."


"On the other hand if you were to give her the freedom of the House yet still have that one person as Watcher she might relax her manner and temper her outbreaks. Mayhaps tis what she wants all along? Yet you needs must make it clear now that there is no Future between you two. If she has a mind towards that end she must unthink it!"


"I have no intention of 'sharing you' at the moment Charles."


That there was a double meaning to that sentence he might well understand despite the 'teasing' tone.


"Bring her to Church on Sunday and sit a pew or two in front of me. I will observe and then allow an introduction. Say I am a Lady to the Queen - which I am - and that you are thinking that you might place her somewhere where she can be educated. And so the introduction is explained and I will take the lead and perhaps arrange a further meeting after the New Year at Whitehall ...... Think you that she will be curious enough to want to see it through?"


This was her way of offering a softer more acceptable version to her 'sell her to a Madam' idea.

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"I did not think to sell it," Charles mumbled. The problem was that he had used her money to invest in two pieces of real estate that he liked. There was the hunting lodge at Bagshot and the lades accommodation with the secret entrance, that he had yet to use. Those properties would go with Frances unless he could come up with the money to purchase them with his own funds; meaning that he would likely need to wed again.


It seemed that Davina thought better of her earlier sell her to a whorehouse threat. She was beginning to think that it might wait until the new year. Charles had no other family to draw upon. If his father or mother had other siblings, it would have been easier.


The church idea was a good one. "It is good to see you in Anglican church," he acknowledged. "Let's carry forward with your plan. Just a bit of education might do the trick."


As for the comment about sharing, Charles heard it but had no intention of replying. Perhaps he could pretend later he did not hear her. Was she meaning Catherine, or others, or both? He suspected that he knew the answer.

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"Well then. Let us make a plan to start with Church on Sunday morn. From there, well, it will all depend upon Frances and also how strict You will be going forward with her."


"But enough talk .... I am in great need of action ...."


Her arms went about him again and lowered his head until her lips found his to tease and tease until at last she kissed him fully. The time it would be at a slower pace which she preferred for it would be in that gentle softness of the afterwards that she carried him inside of her when she took her leave.


And perhpas later at the Ball in the large encompases that was Whitehall they might steal away to resume again - a thing she very much wanted.

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He could not help but chuckle as Davina sought a third renewal. "If we lived in the same accommodation, I do not think we would ever leave the bedroom. You would drain my vitality until I withered away, like some mythical succubus," he jested. "But I should expire a most happy man if it were in your arms."


Being a young and robust man, he was quick to ignite and had the necessary stamina to do so. His affection for Davina made matters much easier.


"You want action?" It was not the slow and soft start she might have been expecting. Rather, he had taken it as an invitation to ravish her again. But even beastial fury slows to more gentle motions with time, and this bout was elongated by the fact that it was their third. It took a while to reach crisis for him, though he did his best to see that she was under no such limitations. Was it true that a well-oiled woman was more inclined to rapid releases? He was about to test the theory.


When it was over, they could lay side by side, in silence for a time, contemplating the rest of the day. He had no special plans, though he needed to gather the love letters of the Tudor couple, be smartly dressed for the ball, accompany Catherine, and then look for Susan Herbert to see if their plans were still ready to unfold.


"Shall we dance together tonight?" he asked as he stared at the ceiling. "Shall we give fuel for speculation or shall we keep our secret better guarded?"

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Not sure that she liked being compared to a succubus Davina nevertheless smiled and received him with eagerness as he quickly acted to her command for action. They were a matched pair now each knowing what pleased the other no longer unsure as to what if any limits might have been placed.


She was soon brought to her release more than once and when her breath returned and she lay by his side with one leg draped half over one of his and him quiet in his contemplation and she with her own yet both content.


"I will dance with you of a certainty and if others see more than that is a thing neither of us can control. Yet mischief prompts me to be bold ..... shall we?"

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In the afterglow of intimacy it is hard not to profess bold thoughts. It was no different for the young earl.


"Yes, gossips be damned. The hall will be so full of people and there will be so much drunken frivolity that no one is likely to notice us much," he declared to the ceiling, imagining the wonderment of the ceiling in the Banquet Hall. He suspected that Catherine might be watching him. The same might be true of Fiona and Susan. "We might even share a chaste kiss under the mistletoe. Would that not give us both a laugh?" he added, thinking that such a kiss would be at odds with what they had just done together.


Before he got too carried away about tempting the fates, Charles thought to suggest "of course, we should each share chaste kisses with a dozen others so as to disguise our familiarity with one another as little more than holiday cheer."

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That he was in agreement made her turn over and look at him directly


"In Truth? We shall behave as we do here then? With gestures familiar and looks that are filled with desire and kiss openly - Ha! A chaste kiuss no less. You My Lord are not at all serious."


She gave him a playful slap across one broad shoulder.


"And now you direct me to kiss others as well of course and you will do the same I presume with Sedley and who else I wonder. I shall pay close attention Langdon."


"I am full ready to carry out my part in this yet I suspect you on the other hand are less than willing. You are fortunate in that I am not Misrule for then I'd make you pay ..."


Here she gave a twist of a few chest hairs to follow quickly with her lips to ease that pain.


She sat up and swung her legs off the bed tossing her long dark hair over one shoulder calling out "Have you a dagger here? I have need on one."


She turned to face him then hands on hips wonderful in her nakedness.

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"If we behaved there as we do here," Charles jested, "we should be arrested for lewd conduct." He laughed. Surely she did not mean that they would look for a chance to swive there when they had such a lovely place to meet regularly.


"But of course you should kiss every gentleman that catches your fancy and I shall kiss a wealth of young ladies if they are amenable. It is New Year's after all. A bit of merriment is in order and kissing is harmless. It is little more than light flirting I should think," he judged. "I should think your kisses shall be in great demand for you are such a lovely lady Davina."


As she stood erect in her nakedness, Davina would catch Charles admiring her form. "If only a painter could capture this image for me forever." He smiled at the thought while knowing it to be impossible.


She asked after a dagger, but he had brought a substitute. "I have scissors here." He pointed to the nearby table, certain that it was for cutting a lock of her hair.

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"How clever of you Charles!"


She tossed him a smile as she went to where he still lay and then turned her attentions to a nearby table and seeing the afore mentioned implement went to it and took it up then returned to sit beside him on the bed.


"I only need a small bit so I shall take it from here ..."


She quickly took up a strand of her dark hair and from the end snipped a bit off. "Now the pin is next .... where is that ... ah... now let me see ..."


She bent her head to look for the opening and once found she wound her hair and tucked it inside then closed it again turning it round to see how it looked.


"It is nice indeed. See. And I shall wear it pinned to my chemise just here."


She held it up so that it rested aganist her bear skin right where the chemise would cover one breast for him to admire. "Tis a pity that I can not wear it openly but then the face is so clever none would guess what lies inside."


Her lips pouted a bit on that sentence and she looked up at him from beneath her dark lashes with that all to familiar look in her blue eyes. "And so because of that I think you should at least give me something else that I might wear inside and then I must make myself presentable again."


What she alluded to would be all to clear to him if he was able that is.

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"Ah, pin it," he mumbled, surprised she would not wear it on a chain round her neck. "You could wear it beneath the sapphire necklace I gave you," he offered only half serious. "I understand." What would he say if one of his lovers noted his own locket? He had not considered the issue before. I shall need to invent something. His mind was already at work.


It was then that she asked for something inside. Having been thinking of jewelry and clothing he missed the allusion. "Inside? You mean like some undergarment?"

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She stared back at him as he clearly misunderstood then gave a sigh. Really men could be the most frustrating things at times ....


"Charles. Either you are thinking of another or you truly are in need of more rest. I shall presume the latter and so will not make further demands. Yet I am sorry to take my leave without a rememberance from you. Heigh Ho."


She half turned to face away from him as she caught up her hair and began to smooth it then do a quick braid. That action brought her into profile - as she knew it would - and allowed him to have a view of her before she would reach for her chemise which she caught at with one toe from where it lay on the floor.


"I shall expect a dance tonight and care not for what it is as it will be too crowded to actually do much which will provide an excellent excuse to take me out do you not agree? I have a Duty with Herbert close to midnight but I doubt the Queen will stay that long. She tires easily now and the King marks her presence enough to note it. If she leaves so must we so find me early on."

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"Further demands?" he mumbled. He was slow to realize her meaning until later. In the meantime he admired the form on display. Who could not. If he was not so spent, he would have certainly taken such a display for an invitation to ravish her again. She would note that he was watching her every move with obvious admiration.


"Take you out?" He had been distracted by watching her. "After we dance you want me to take you outside?" As he asked for clarification, Charles moved closer to help her get dressed.

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Aware that he was watching her movements she was nevertheless able to stop and give a lengthly stare followed by


"I shall Pray that if we are ever attacked you are not put in direct charge of ordering troops! I do not see how you can not follow my thoughts - when I said you must take me out twas meant that you take me from the HALL afore I am called away by the Queen or Lady Mountjoy not out into the actual out of the outside!"


She half turned to reach for her bodice and waited for him to help then adjusted her breasts until comfortable before hooking the front closed.


"If we are to have some time together then we must take it when presented do you not agree? Let us think of some good place well hid enough from others - there are many passageways in Whitehall Charles and I have knowledge of many."


She smiled up at him.


"And I shall wear your gift pinned to that palce I showed you or I might be bold and wear it openly but discreetly say upon my sleeve ....."


She was all but ready save for her boots and to tame her hair. It was clear that she wanted to linger and would if he asked her to yet odds were she would take her leave in the same way she had afore and then return to the Palace.

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Things rarely worked out as easily as planned. Charles had assumed that Davina would be satisfied for the day, if not the next two, by their tryst this very morning. Yet, Charles was coming to learn that his favorite lover had a more hearty appetite than imagined. Catherine was much the same, but Charles had thought that aberrational. Were all women starved for sex? His short marriage to Jeanne had found her satisfied with brief periodic service. Maureen had a healthy appetite but prudence limited their engagements severely.


It was dawning on the young earl that women were better equipped to have multiple lovers than men, since even young men had their limits on lovemaking. How was he to make it work to have multiple lovers when each one was so demanding? It was a dilemma to be considered seriously by those that sought to venture beyond monogamy.


"Oh," he acknowledged. "You are just being coy with me, where there is no need in private." His words warmed with humor at last. "I was so enthralled with you that I was taking your every word literally." Perhaps that would assuage her.


"So you wish to do something daring this evening?" he muttered mostly to himself. "You prefer soft beds such as this to my coach and now you want the cold dusty passageways? It does sound fun." He was warming to the idea. "I shall have to have you lifted up against the wall ... perhaps just outside the secret door in the Queen's outer chamber you showed me. It is dangerous of course ... ." Yet, danger was an exiting thing.


He was assisting with her bodice; but, his hands interfered more than they helped. In fact, his hands were roaming her body and breast as they spoke. Their plans for the evening were already warming his thoughts.

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She, who was practicing restraint, was now being side-tracked by his obvious desire to continue to have some physical contact and so her soft slap to his arm was hardly that but more like encouragement from his view.


"If you keep to that navigation then best be able to deliver Major." Her words teased him softly even as her body relaxed back into his all soft and warm. "Why did I bother to dress if you shall undress ... I am yours willingly ... aganist a wall?"


Refering to his reference to the place he planned to take her later.


"I much liked your carriage and at the time it served well enough and might still but I much prefer a bed that is true but now I tingle at the idea of secret passageways and dim torch light and the things we might accomplish."


Actions do speak louder than mere words at times and he would notice her increased breathing as he made free with his hands and oh! how had the hook on her bodice come undone and then another...


If he wanted another round she would be quick to the post but with half a mind on the hour and knowing that she had to return to the Palace or risk being missed.

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