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Real Estate Showcase Morning January 1- Xmas 1677


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The rest of the city was sleeping off a hangover from New Years partying when the water taxi delivered James Winchester and Farlow's runner, Stanley, to the East India docks. "It aint far from here sir," Stanley pledged. He too would rather have been home sleeping but was hoping that Lord Wentwood might still be in the holiday spirit and deliver a worthwhile bit of coin as a gratuity.


They duo needed to rent a carriage to take them the rest of the way, as much of the surrounding lands were cattle feed lots and various butcher factories. This part of London was reserved for the growing food supply needs of the city, which were also convenient to the docks.


Had this been summer, the stench would have been overpowering. Instead, the stench was just extremely unpleasant. It was rare for any gentleman to venture to these parts of the city without a strongly scented handkerchief.


After a few minutes of passing teeming pens of livestock, James would find a vacant piece of land, looking as if forgotten and overgrown with weeds. The snow was kind in decorating the field in a shround of white and the weeds had mostly died out in the cold.


"Here we is sir," Stanley piped up as they arrived. Hopping out of the carriage, he pointed to the river. "See?"

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