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To Lord Chichester by hand, Sat 1st- Xmas 1677

Davina Wellsley

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There was only this then what had ere been between them then it would be done. Could they, she wondered, ever regain an equal footing and be friends?


Lord Chichester, this will no doubt be a surprise and may even fill you with suspecion but I hope it does not. Yet there is cause I know to think it but I would reassure you that tis farthest from my mind. I was ... did not hear ... of your return and as the Place was hardly one for any privy discourse I have little choice but to ask it here.


May we not agree to meet - perhaps Sunday after Chapel? I think it best to keep it within the confines there. I take the risk of your negelect and if that tis the reply then I shall accept and be nothing but someone of your acquaintance. Believe me when I say that I want nothing but your own Happiness in all things.


D Wellsley


It was well enough.


She sanded and then sealed it using her 'bee' seal which he would remember as hers. They were Socially bound to see each other at the Ball but there too she would play her part just as he would.


Now she must wait. And Pray that he would be as she and wish to lay aside past feelings and misunderstandings. But would he?


A little voice whispered nay nay he will not and she pressed a hand to the sudden sick feeling in her stomach at the idea.

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