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Hogmanay! | 31st December- Xmas 1677

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You are invited to bring in the New Year with the MacBain family, Scottish style, on the evening of the 1st at 10pm at Alyth House. Dress for the Highlands!


Being short notice, the invitations were hand-delivered to the following:


* George Hardwick, Earl of Chichester

* Duncan Melville, Viscount Melville, together with Sir Cedric and Mistress Ellen Doolittle if they will

* Their Excellencies the Baron and Baroness of Toledo

* Mistress Niccolette Vauquellin

* Caroline Despanay, Lady Kendishall

* Peregrine Osborne, Viscount Osborne, and Ladies Bridget, Catherine and Sophia Osborne

* Lady Anne Scott

* Lieutenant Ambrose Turnbull

* Major Charles Whitehurst, Earl of Langdon

* Lady Sofia de Castelo

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A letter written on pure white cotton rag paper, with purple-black oak gall ink, in a masculine script without adornments. It was delivered on the late afternoon of the 31st, sealed with Duncan's signet to Alyth House in Chelsea by a footman liveried in the scarlet and white of the Melville family.




How could I not attend? I will definitely be there. Can't spend Hogmanay without good black bun!




The reply was delivered along Douglas' New Year's gift, a matched set of finely tuned flintlock pistols, stock made of figured black walnut, and mounts of case-hardened steel engraved with a thistle motiff.

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Nicolette had been sat at her dresser after her early visit to the Chancelor, trying to be a maker of mischief for the ball - all of Court expected it of her! She kept trying to have more ideas, but felt like going out instead, visiting friends, and having some fun.


On the bright side however; as soon as the post arrived she was there to receive it. It was from Douglas, her very first sweetheart at English court. She grinned, and tore the envelope open.


It was to a party at his sisters house. Nicolette paused to nibble a fingernail. The very elusive, seemingly exclusive, Lady Alyth was an unknown to her. And another party, well, she was quite over parties, how they dragged on and were really no particular fun for her. She'd truly rather an intimate liaison with the darling Scot, perhaps to kiss a little, and to plot. Mostly to kiss though.


What to do?


She took out a sheet of paper, thinking to reply. Then arose, and scampering down the stairs snatched up her cloak. "I’m just going out for a little while!" she called to anyone who might have been listening.


Nicolette was full of intents to deliver a reply in person!

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