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Man-dates to make | Melvilles Hse mid morn 31st- Xmas 1677

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It had been upon the off chance after all. Alas, Melville was out about his day already, when Chichester rapped upon his houses door.


"Will you please give him this from me. Ah, may I trouble you for a pen and paper, I would write him a note I think." George asked the man at the door, entrusting the 40 yr old bottle of port into the others hands.


When Duncan returned some time later that same day, he'd find the bottle and the message from his friend the Earl.



Dear Melville,

We must stop not-meeting like this!


Dreadfully disappointed to have missed you, what say we do breakfast on the morrow? Or attend the sleigh races together? It cannot hurt to make opportunity to see and be seen after all!


Long Live the King!






OOC: spotted Duncan is at shooting range, but hope that a billiards thread tomorrow shall serve.

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Duncan returned home after his visit to Buckingham's Grand House. He was in high spirits, which only soared higher as he was given both the note and the bottle. He had the bottle sent to the wine racks where it would rest until it was opened for a special occasion.


As for the note, he penned a reply before summoning a footman to deliver it immediately.


My dear Chichester,


I agree. Not-meeting is not fun! You were otherwise engaged when I called unannounced, so I surmised you were spending your time with much enjoyment, and I would simply have to wait a day or two.*


Breakfast sounds grand, as I believe in seizing the first opportunity. Shall I await for you early, around ten?** I promise Mrs. Gage will make it worth your while, with a mix of Scottish and English fare.


Your friend,




Chichester had signed his note with the initial of his Christian name, so the Lowlander decided to follow suit and use a more personal signature.



* Duncan was certain that George's engagement was a lady, and of the bedroom variety. He was only half-right, but he did not know that.

** Taking into account that both men would probably be attending the ball that evening, Duncan set breakfast time at an hour that would be early for a courtier, even though it would be some three hours late for him. Still, if there was one day in the year that he would not feel bad about sleeping until late, it would have to be New Year's day.

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