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George Hardwick | 31st December- Xmas 1677

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George Hardwick

Earl of Chichester


Dear George,


I can't tell you how glad I was to hear you were come to London this season. The roads were rough for many of us but now it seems a great many old friends are gathered. I do hope that the year has been most kind to you and yours.


We must catch up, I insist! And I shan't take no for an answer. Quite apart from the pleasure of your good company, I have a question to ask you about art, a subject on which I am woefully ignorant. Do tell me that you're free some day or evening in the near future, though if this reaches you before you go out this morning and you are not otherwise occupied, I shall be lunching at the Red Lion today, and would be delighted if you'd join me.


Yours, whether you like it or not,


Sir James, Doctor Winchester

Baron Wentwood


The note was hand delivered first thing in the morning by a servant of the house. James was in a playful mood by the tone of the missive, which was accompanied by a fine fruit cake, and a bottle of brandy to have with it.

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George smiled as he recognised the handwriting, and breaking the seal he read it with a mental snap to the fingers. ""Done!" he expressed, and turned to the waiting servant. "Advise your master I shall join him for lunch at one ."


What an excellent way to commence a day - his social life was becoming practically effervescent. More than one visitor yesterday, then today a meeting with a Duke first up, then lunch with a friend, out in town with another for dinner, and then a Ball to follow up. But for this morning he had intents to reciprocate an impromtu visit to a friendly (early rising) Scott; namely Melville.


George sent his man to the dungeons, heh, his pet name for the cellar, to find a rare bottle of port as a gift before he set off.

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