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To her Mother | sent 31st Dec- Xmas 1677

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The letter might not arrive for a few weeks, perhaps even a month in the winter weather.


[for our dear readers Nicolette's letter is translated from it’s french]

(translated by Sunderland perhaps?!)


Dear Mother,

So suddenly the turn of the year is upon us. I hope you are well, and warm, and that you have a fine evening ahead. Isnt it remarkable how lives can change. Yet I fondly remember new years last, the Paris loft, and city lights beneath.


I am enclosing a lovely pin, that might look so fine on the hat I sent last, or was it the time before that? But you know what I speak of I am sure. As for my own reports of progress, I think you would be proud of me. I mix with Earls and Dukes, and hope for a New years dance with the King. Oh that last might be recklessly optimistic of me, why it might be months, or even never that I own such a accomplishment. Still, it is marvellous.


I have often wondered if you would like an English life too? It is not for all, I have already seen many come and go, some few return again, but the greater number do not. I think court, both here and in France, requires a tenacity of spirit that not all can maintain. Yet I am determined to maintain mother. And I trust you manage to do so also.


Oh, have you heard of a Marchioness Worchester? She is the most remarkable woman, whom I’ve firmly befriended and simply adore. A woman after my own love of nature, botanicals especially, and come the seasons end I think I am to travel with her to the other side of England! She has told me of soldiers there, and of plots of smuggling they need thwart. I am hopeful to speak to their medic, and also to spend some time with the Marquis’s family. They are the finest sort.


Meanwhile I continue to delight of our English cousins. I advised Cousin Lisa, that she might visit you as she makes her return from Princess Mary's wedding to Orange. Cousin Lisa is a headstong woman, but nothing you cannot manage I am sure, and perhaps you might introduce her to some of the right people you keep favour with? It would make Cousin Louis pleased to know her receiving such fine hospitality.


What shall the new year bring for us Maman? Imagine next year, and the wonders that might become. Why recently, I've even wondered if I might make a good match. Oh I know, realistically there are all sorts of impediments to that. They still talk of war with France most days here, for one. But, with stubbornness, many things can be over come. If I am ever engaged, I shall not accept any excuse for your not attending a marriage. And, if I am ever married, I would want you to reside with us. Imagine if I manage well enough, you might even have your own house on some grand estate, wouldn’t that be fine.


La, dreams are sweet.


I wish you many sweet dreams too, and a New Years celebration that is grand (if you attend Le Rois, it could be nothing other!), with showers of blessing everyday forwards from that.


With all my love,







ooc: it being a given that Nicci keeps regular contact, I just felt like writing a new years letter specifically!

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