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The future of the Golden Pestle| 30th Dec CD- Xmas 1677

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Sat on Friday street, a few doors down from The Mermaid, and across the road from The Free Clinic.



Nicolette had taken the books that the Marchioness of Worcester have loaned her to the Golden Pestle, there to show Apprentice Paul Fallon, who no doubt would be as awed of them as she.


Paul was due to sit his exam soon, which would change the dynamic of the Shop a little. Presently she felt like his peer, yes he was more academically recognised but her being the Shop-owners cousin lifted her rank a little to near match. Soon. Well really Master Fallon might have his very own shop. "Shall you stay on, Master Fallon, will you please?" she asked.


It was a common enough situation, that an employee eventually outgrew his situation, and begun to consider the benefits of being an employer himself.


"I can talk to my cousin of your salary, though really he's had little interest in The Pestles books. It is probably fine for me to make such decisions myself, and simply let him know what agreement we come to. Perhaps we make some leasing sort of arrangement, where the shop is essentially yours to do with as you will. I know my cousin has no interest in Apothecary himself, so think he will be content to get a small return on his investment. And I. Well I would be happy if I can keep access to the kitchens, that I can potter a little myself.


"There, I think we are striking upon the perfect situation." she looked around the upstairs office she'd prettily furnished yet for no real purpose. She was a little misty of letting it go, but knew her future was not here. "I shall give you this rooms key after you pass the exam. Oh you shall, I just know. If you like I can help you study, I've nothing planned for the rest of the day..."



And so the day was spent, in between customers, with Nicci helping Master Fallon studying for the exam.

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