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Aftermath: To Sir Cedric [Doolittle], by hand 31st- Xmas 1677

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He sat staring thoughtfully at the note one finger absently rubbing aganist a cheek deliberating what to do. He could do nothing and pass it over to his daughter and let her pen some reply but then thought that would be a rudeness to the Lt.


He reached for his quill and took up a sheet of paper


Turnbull, that depature, while abrupt as you claim it to have been, can none the less be overlooked simply because you are not well-acquainted with the ways and means of my family. It is to be expected that your experiences differ from ours as it is a common thing amongst us all! None have the same Families after all. Your apology is excepted and I trust that you trouble yourself no further over it. My daughter can be vocal and so can I so upon further acquaintance that is a thing you now know full well and will no longer cause surprise. I should be happy for your continued Company as well my daughter - but that is between the two of you to sort out. I will however be a viligent Parent so keep that in mind.




He reread it thinking to strike thru some parts or do over as it might appear too long-winded but then let it be. He suspected that the Lt was not a dullard and so well able to read between the lines. So it was sanded and sealed and dispatched.


He cracked a nut and ate it with pleasure as he pondered what might lie ahead for these two or if, as in the past, his daughter would once again come away hurt. If that happened then the Lt would feel the full weight like a mighty hammer.

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