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To Lady Worchester, arrives 31st- Xmas 1677

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30th December


My Dearest Lady Worchester,

I have been thinking of your often since we spoke, of the wise council kindly given, of your own experience shared. After a time I have come to agree that yours are steps I would follow, thus, I have chosen not to ask Lord Ranelagh for a donation for our project. Instead, I would solicit sponsorship from a quarter more diligent and resourceful.


Upon another note - I had a delightful encounter with your boys yesterday, though ended too quickly, that I did not make proper conversation with Lord Charles at all. He looked very well, and quite matured from his time at university, and I could see he is already growing respect in his peers eyes. No doubt dear Arthur shall soon follow.


Yet what I was writing to you of today, most especially, was to beg a time that suits that I might visit you one and all? Or perhaps to plan some pleasant outing, perhaps early next week, that we all would enjoy. A trip to the fabled Kings Menagerie perhaps, pray they keep the beasts indoors in this weather. Or some other outing that might expand the minds while keeping company of ones near to the heart.


God bless




Mary had described her own husbands virtues as that of diligence and resourcefulness. Nicolette discovered such admiration for the Marchioness that she wished to follow her example. Mary had not especially discouraged Nicci, but let her make her own choice in this. Yet after reflection, Nicolette had to admit that as adorable as the frivolous and fanciful Ranelagh was, he’d probably make a deplorable husband. Living next door to Chelsea physic would be sore consolation if she was miserable.

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