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Lord Beverley [Dec 31st, early morn]- Xmas 1677

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A short note written on pure white cotton rag card, with purple-black oak gall ink, in a masculine script without adornments. It was delivered by a footman liveried in Melville colors to Prince Rupert's offices at the earliest reasonable time.


Lord Beverley,


I have returned to London but two nights ago, due to the inclement weather. I know it is kind of short notice, but would you and your lady wife be able to join me for tea this afternoon? I would truly be honoured.


Your humble and obedient servant,


Lord Melville


The note was hand-delivered along two bottles of wine. One bottle of claret from Château Latour in Gascony, and a bottle of a sweet yet zesty white from Château d'Yquem in the Gironde. The footman was instructed to wait for a reply.

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Once Beverley arrived to the palace for the day, he received Melville's card and gift.


The response came by one of Rupert's many message-delivering pages:


My Lord,


I shall be happy to join you for tea. I have already left my lady wife at Brooke House to prepare for tonight's ball, so she will not be able to join us.



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