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Lord Chancellor, arrives 31st- Xmas 1677

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It was well that Spratt had advised him of the power of decision, for as he lifted pent to write to the Chancellor he found uncertainty to the timing. Here they were at the very turning of a year, did that seem odd? Would it count against him? Doubts were easily to mind.


Straightening back, the Earls eyes grew firm, re-dipping his quill he simply begun.


30th December 1677


Lord Chancellor of the Privy Council

Rt. Honourable Baron Daventry,


I write you with wish to take the Oath. The previous reluctance inherited upon me by my father, indeed raised into it, has been forsworn upon my conversion into the Church of England. I find myself seeking your advice upon how I might further swear my heart to country also politically. Perhaps this is done separately, or inclusive to the next session of the Lords. With my earnest intents now known to you, I request that you summon me forth at the correct time.


I have the honour to be & etc, your servant


George Hardwick

Earl Chichester


George elected to send along round a round of Cheshire Cheese acompanied with a bottle of white wine as a gift.

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