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To and From to the Party (Evening of the 29th)- Xmas 1677

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Standing in the foyer of the Osborne House, the Earl of Basildon was awaiting the arrival of Danby's eldest daughter, Bridget. They were to travel together to Caroline's party and he had come to collect her.


Armed with a flask of brandy and another laced with opium as well. Louis was keeping his options open. He wished Bridget to loosen up for the libertine affair. Whether she did something foolish or not, there were plans to make her beholden to him. Had there been more time, Louis was certain that he could have arranged something interesting to befall his companion. Instead, he would need to rely on happenstance instead.

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Bridget stood in front of her mirror studying her reflection. She had chosen a red velvet gown embroidered in gold to wear to the party that Lord Basildon had promised to take her to. The bodice was cut low, and a golden lace scarf was tucked into it to hide her modest cleavage. Her light blonde hair had been curled and piled on top of her head, a few ringlets left loose to tumble over her shoulders. Her coiffure was held in place by gold combs studded with diamonds and rubies. A matching necklace encircled her neck and ruby earrings sparkled in her ears.


Will he come? she wondered, Or was he just leading me on? She had thought of him almost constantly since the ball, counting the days, hours and minutes until she would see him again. But what if he had no intention on keeping his promise? Her stomach was knotted with worry. If he stood her up, she would find a way to get revenge.


When her maidservant stepped into the room and told her that he had arrived, the tension in her body evaporated. Now excitement coursed through her veins and she had to force herself to walk in a stately fashion down the staircase and into the foyer when she would have preferred to run.


Oh how handsome he was, standing there waiting for her! Those strange but pleasurable sensations that she had felt when he had taken her home after the ball fluttered through her body. “Good evening, Lord Basildon." Bridget greeted him formally, although a bright smile lit up her face. When she smiled, she was almost pretty. “I hope you haven't been waiting long.”

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Beneath his fur coat was a outfit of ivory silk. A ruby cravat pin flashed at his neck and a waistcoat of golden brocade hid behind the fur. Gems flashed upon the rings that adorned his long thin fingers.


"Stunning," he proclaimed as he watched Bridget enter. He gave her appearance and outfit a favorable appraisal. "Scarlet is the color to get noticed and rubies proclaim that you have the fire of passion that burns inside. The best gentlemen notice these things. They admire ladies that demand that admiration," he offered with a smile. He reached to take her hand in his and delivered a formal kiss upon it. "I shall be the first of many gentlemen that shall beg the honor of a kiss," he complimented gaily. "Let us be off before I change my mind and decide to spend my night here in your company, keeping it to myself alone."


He led her to his coach, his footman assisting the entry. "We shall be fashionable late. Only the pathetic come early, or the host." The door shut behind them and Louis rapped on the roof to signal the driver. The trip would not be long.


Pulling out his silver flask with brandy, he took a sip and offered it to her. It was the one without the opium. "This shall fortify you," he offered, suspending it in front of her. After she took a drink, he took the flask back to take another sip, explaining "I must taste the brandy now fresh from your lips." He winked as he tucked it away in his coat pocket. "Now I need to taste the brandy on your lips. We need to keep up with our kissing lessons after all. We don't have much time and I expect you to collect kisses tonight from several gentlemen. It shall add to your image and shall make me jealous at the same time," he flattered. He moved to sit beside her so that they might feel their bodies touch.


"First," he offered, "let me warm the fire in those rubies you wear on your ears and neck." He did not await consent but moved to begin kissing lightly her neck. He was a man experienced in knowing where and how to kiss a woman's neck, and how to lead a trail to her ear lobes. He began instinctively, hoping to inflame her in advance of the party.

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He thought she looked stunning! Bridget's heart nearly burst with joy. And he approved her gown and jewelry too. It taken her hours to select the perfect dress from her extensive wardrobe, and now she knew that the red gown and rubies were splendid choices. Lord Basildon had worn a ruby cravat pin, which meant to her that they thought alike, Maybe that was one reason they were drawn to each other. She truly believed he fancied her. “And what does it mean when a gentleman wears rubies?”


Something was certainly burning inside her, but she didn't know if it was passion or not. She wasn't experienced enough to tell. The heat flushing her body was delightful and exhilarating, and she trembled when he took her hand and kissed it. Bridget wanted him to kiss her like he had done after the ball, but of course he couldn't be so familiar in the foyer of her family home. He wanted to, though, for he said he would even beg for a kiss from her. She hung on every honeyed word that dripped from his lips.


“We can't stay here,” she informed him. “I told my sister that you're taking me to a small gathering and that your sister had agreed to be my chaperone. I had to make up an excuse or she would have never let me go with you alone.” In her father's absence, her elder sister and her husband were serving as her guardians.


After donning her own fur cloak, she followed him to his coach and stepped inside with his footman's assistance. Lord Basildon sat opposite her, and after she had settled her skirts around her, she accepted the flask he offered her. Bridget had never drunk from a flash before and she lifted it to her lips and took a delicate sip before handing it back. Her heart fluttered again when he revealed the reason he had drunk from it again. “Does it taste differently?” she asked, her eyes wide and innocent.


Yes! He wanted to continue their kissing lessons, although she didn't understand why he wanted her to make him jealous. She smiled slyly, determined to make him so green with envy that the ruby on his cravat pin would turn into an emerald. He would not be able to resist her and he would shower her with kisses, and not just on her lips.


Her own thoughts shocked her, and she pushed them to the back of her mind. Why did he make her forget the propriety she had always prided herself on? When he slid beside her, Bridget could feel the heat emanating from his body, and a lovely little shiver meandered down her spine as he began to kiss her neck. His lips were like fire, burning completely through her. A soft moan escaped her lips and she lifted her neck to give him full access to that very sensitive part of her trembling form.

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"When a gentleman wears rubies it means one of two things," Louis instructed. "A witty, fashionable young gentleman wears rubies to signal a lady that he is looking for a lady with fire in her eyes and passion in her heart." He allowed that image to hang in her mind a moment. "Or, for another gentleman it might just merely mean he likes the color of rubies," he chuckled, ending it on a lighter note. "I will leave to you why I might be wearing rubies," he added with a brief wink and smirk.


Bridget explained how she had humbugged her sister. Anne Osborne had married a Coke, a relative of the Earl of Liecester, if he recalled correctly. Women who sought the attention of men were apt to lie, cheat and steal to be with the man of their fancy, or so Killington had experienced in his younger days. "It is good you keep things from her, lest she lock you in your room and you see little of what life has to offer. You are young, pretty, ambitious and adventurous," he complimented. "The court could be yours if you put your mind to it." He needed to tempt her into being foolhardy.


The kissing in the coach was designed to inflame her in the same manner. Words and deeds were joined in giving her the taste of freedom that young ladies desired. When he felt that his kissing had achieved his desired effect, he paused to observe the flush that might color her features.


"This is a holiday party. It is perfectly fine to kiss anyone you might like," he invited. "There are more liberties for being merry during the holidays. I want you to collect as many kisses as you can from gentlemen and then you can tell me at the end of the evening whether you prefer my kisses to theirs," he laughed. "Not all gentlemen are accomplished kissers. You see, the best kissers are the ones that want the other to take pleasure. A selfish kisser is a poor kisser because he or she does not react to what is bringing their partner pleasure. It is all about pleasure Bridget. By bringing your partner pleasure, they will return the favor in kind and make your own experience more pleasurable," he counseled. "So, you can be selfish, as we both are, for we want the best in everything do we not, but be generous in our intimacy because we will get an even better result for our selfishness," he laughed.


The carriage moved onward and Basildon knew his time was limited. "It is not just kissing that brings pleasure Bridget. A touch of a finger or hand can be just as exciting. Lovers often hold hands for this reason. The touch of bare flesh to bare flesh of a partner that you admire can be quite intoxicating." As if to prove the point, he ran a finger up her arm lightly and then gently caressed her shoulder, before dropping a lazy finger to caress the neckline of her bodice. Never did he go below the fabric. He maintained some semblance of decorum thereby, but keeping flesh touching flesh. "See what I mean?" he asked, hoping that his touch had further titillated her.

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“I think I know why you chose rubies,” Bridget said coyly, a playful smile curving hr lips. He had worn them because he was attracted to her and wanted her to know it. There could be no other explanation. And she had unknowingly answered his call by selecting the fiery red jewel herself. She wondered if anyone at the party would notice that their jewelry matched. Maybe they would think that the two of them had planned it that way.


She felt guilty about deceiving her sister, but there had been no other way. Anne would have never let her attend a libertine party, and certainly not alone with a married man. But Lord Basildon thought she had done the right thing and while his words didn't exactly banish her guilt, but it did lessen considerably. She probably would be locked in her room if her sister ever found out that she had lied. Hopefully, none of the guests would know her well enough to tell her where Bridget truly was tonight. Now she realized that she had been so dazzled by the charming Earl that she had not thought everything through.


A blush as red as her dress flowered across her cheeks as he complimented her yet again. She was definitely ambitious, but she knew she wasn't pretty. Compared to many young ladies, she was rather plain. Or that was how she thought of herself. Maybe she was prettier than she believed she was? Her handsome companion made her feel as if she was the most beautiful woman in the world.


She had never considered herself adventurous either, but perhaps she was. He was showing her new aspects of herself that she had never known existed. Bridget did want to be the most popular girl at court and marry well. He seemed to think that she could achieve it. “With your help, I believe I can. Before the season ends, everyone will adore me and gentlemen will be lining up to ask for my hand in marriage.” Life was no longer as bleak for her as it had been before.


His kisses tantalized her and left her longing for something she didn't quite understand. When he pulled away, her face was indeed flushed, and her lips were slightly swollen. Her blue eyes shone with excitement and desire. Ahhh, so that was why he wanted her to kiss other men, so that she could compare their kisses to theirs. He must already know that she would find everyone else lacking.


She listened to his explanation on what made a good kiss. Bridget didn't think of herself as selfish, but she did want the best of everything. In that too, she and Lord Basildon were alike. “Do my kisses give you pleasure?” she asked with a curious tilt of her head. “That's what I want them to do.”


His advice about touching sent heat racing through her young body, even though he had not demonstrated yet. She had been taught that allowing gentlemen such liberties would disgrace her and ruin her reputation, but Lord Basildon told her otherwise. Was that how ladies charmed lords into marrying them?


She shivered as his finger slid up her arm and over her shoulder. Bridget knew she should pull away but she didn't want to. Her body hummed with the most delightful sensations, especially when he traced the neckline of her bodice. But the forbidden intimacy frightened her as well, and she instinctively placed her hand over his and moved it away. “Yes,” she whispered, entwining her fingers with his. “Should I let the gentlemen I kiss tonight touch me? And should I touch them as well?”

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Surely there was no other explanation. What kind of man would say or hint things untrue merely to charm a lady? Louis returned her playful smile with a sly one.


What vain woman did not enjoy being considered pretty, ambitious and adventurous. Basildon suspected that she had none of the traits, but it did not matter. When one wooed, truth was rare.


"No," he disagreed slightly. "The other ladies will not adore you. They might even hate you out of jealousy. Only the older matrons will not see you as a threat, for they are not shopping for husbands. Still, they might enjoy luring away a gentleman admirer from you just to be their lover for a season. They are that way," he chuckled.


"Your kisses give me a great deal of pleasure," he lied smoothly. "I can feel the fire within you. I hope you feel likewise, for I want to open your eyes to the world of pleasure."


As her hand moved modestly to take his own hand in hers, Louis lifted her hand to his lips so that he might kiss her hand. Her question was refreshingly naive. "Only in private," he whispered. "In front of anyone you must be prim and proper, slapping any gentleman that tries to touch you inappropriately. Yet, in private, you can take whatever liberties please you. There are two worlds at court Bridget. It is a secret that everyone learns at court in time. There is the public mask we wear when doing business or socialize. It is a proper mask that is worn. Then, in private, the mask is quite different. Bridget, you would blush to know what the most proper ladies of court do when they are outside the public eye. Remember, whatever is done in private is not done. A preacher could be a drunk, letch, gambler and fornicator, but if no one sees it, he is judged as proper," he explained.


"At the party tonight there will be merry kisses in public, for it is the holidays and people can act more merry. But the most intimate kissing and touching will likely occur in private. The court is full of secrets Bridget. You can do as you like as long as you trust the gentleman to keep a secret. If he does, then touch as you please and charm him into being one of your admirers. Of course you can charm a lord with public wit, but you can really drive the right lord crazy for you if you seem to know secret pleasures, even if you just invent them in your mind," he laughed as he offered her another swig of brandy. "Pretend to be well-versed in the realm of pleasure if you like."


"We are here." The coach came to a stop. "We will enter together and then part. I will keep an eye on you. If you need assistance, seek me out. I shall protect you from unwelcome advances as well. Then, we will laugh together on the ride home and you can tell me all you learned and you can guess the secrets of some of the lords and ladies you meet. We will have a grand time going back together," he pledged. Assisting her out of the coach, he was ready to enter.

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Bridget believed every one of his lies, even the one about her being pretty. The thought of giving him pleasure with her kisses thrilled her. She had always bemoaned her lack of artistic talents. Other ladies could sing well, play instruments, paint, or write poetry, but she failed at all of them. Now she wondered if she had a flair for kissing. A gift like that was more useful in snagging an influential husband than being able to sing or paint.


“When you kiss me, I feel things I never felt before, things that make my body tremble with excitement. Is that pleasure?”


The sensations she had tried to describe strengthened when he lifted her hand to his lips. She had thought that he might be angry at her for pulling his own away from her bodice. Now she wished she hadn't done it. What if his fingers had dipped lower and cupped her breasts? No! She couldn't think like that! A lady should let no one but her husband caress her so intimately. Yet still she longed for it.


Having been at court for two years, Bridget knew all about masks of courtly propriety. But Lord Basildon spoke of a whole new world of private entertainments, enjoyed by even the most dignified courtiers. She wanted to be a part of that intriguing world, and she hoped that he would be the one who introduced her to it.


“I've never been alone with a gentlemen except for you,” she whispered, her eyes wide and eager. “Will you teach me how to touch a gentleman in a pleasurable way? I don't think I can pretend. I need experience. If I am going to do something, I want to do it better than anyone else. So I guess I shall refuse offers of privacy tonight.”


But there was no time for further lessons. The carriage stopped and he explained what he had planned for the ride home. As he assisted her out of the coach, she could see the candles flickering through the windows and she heard sounds of merriment coming from inside. “Are you not going to introduce me to some gentlemen before we part?” she asked. “I can't very well walk up to strangers and ask them to kiss me. That is one of those things that a lady cannot do in a public place.”

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If Bridget had a flair for something it was not kissing. More likely it was a flair for gullibility.


"You do not know if trembling with excitement is pleasure? How sad that your sister and parents have kept you so imprisoned that you have not been able to taste the joys of true pleasure. It seems I am to be your liberator then," Louis offered lightly. "If your body feels a need for something and you tremble with joy when you receive it, that is pleasure," he chuckled. "Remember the first time you tasted chocolate or sugar? Now you wonder how you could have lived without it before," he teased. "This sort of pleasure is so grand that it dwarfs anything you have ever experienced before."


Will you teach me how to touch a gentleman in a pleasurable way?


It was all the Earl could do to not laugh. Bridget was the perfect specimen. He had done this many times before with innkeeper's daughters, pastor's daughters, and the occasional baron's daughter, but he was surprised that the second daughter of the Lord Treasurer of England would be so naive and gullible. It went to prove that rank gave no special awareness.


"I shall teach you then, but it must be done in private and you must not experiment with other gentlemen until I judge that you are properly tutored in the art." He tried to look serious but it was difficult. "You can accept all the kisses you want tonight but no private touching I think, not until you are so skilled that you can bewitch a man with your touch."


Bridget raised a valid concern. "Quite right, I shall stay with you for a time and introduce you around. Then we might see how you fare on your own. If you are not quite ready for it, I shall be attentive to your needs," he pledged.

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Bridget was so gullible that if one looked up that word in a dictionary, there would be a sketch of her beside it. She had been sheltered all of her life and had grown up embracing the strict standards of behavior that she had been taught. Lord Basildon had exposed her to new ideas of romance and she realized that there was more to catching a wealthy, titled husband than just dancing with gentlemen at balls. She wanted to learn everything he could teach her so she could be one step ahead of all the other ladies who were trying to captivate the most eligible bachelors at court.


She knew well the pleasure of tasting a delicious delicacy, of the luxurious feel of silk against her skin, of a beautiful tune played on a violin. However, she had no knowledge whatsoever of sexual pleasure and her body had never trembled so enticingly before. He promised that it would be better than anything she had ever experienced, which made her long for it all the more.


The handsome Earl seemed amused about something, but Bridget had no idea what it could be. She thought she was being clever by persuading her to give her lessons in touching, unaware that she was playing right into his hands. She was an intelligent young woman but she was naïve and easily manipulated. And he had completely beguiled her.


She thought she had convinced him into staying with her at the party as well, at least until she was comfortable on her own. Bridget didn't want to stay with him all evening, just long enough to meet a few gentlemen who could then introduce her to others. She couldn't make him jealous if he didn't leave her side. “Thank you, my lord. I will not monopolize your time. You have done so much for me already.”

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As Caroline's party ended, Louis made good on his pledge to see Bridget home. His hopes that some randy gentleman would have his way with her seemed dim. She was rarely gone long enough to be debauched. Where is Lord Roos when you need him?


Bridget had been plied with liquor sufficiently and the stage had been set for her to yield her maidenhood in the heat of the moment. The next attempt could be at the New Year's Eve ball. A pity. I need to gift her a dildo. Perhaps I can coax her to do it herself.


"So what did you think of the party?" Louis asked as the coach began to move at last. It was cold, but the fur-clad couple pressed closely together for warmth. "Libertine parties are typically more fun. The games are intimate, the words and deeds suggestive, and courtiers so bound by strict propriety by day can loosen their corsets and cravats for some much needed diversion at night. What is done in darkness stays in darkness," he counseled.


OOC~ I thought we might as well get this thread going to try and wrap up the night.

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Nestled close to Lord Basildon in his coach, Bridget could finally breathe again. It was a chilly night, but the warmth of his body seemed to permeate her own, filling it with a delectable inner heat. As the coach lurched into motion, she shifted position to look out the window, watching Lady Kendishall's house grow smaller and smaller in the distance.


She was glad to get away and hoped that she would never see that awful place again. It was forever tainted in her mind because of the cruel joke Mademoiselle Vauquelin had played on her by attempting to lock her in a closet, if indeed that had been the room's purpose. It had certainly not been the loo, which was where she had asked to be taken.


Bridget wanted to tell Lord Basildon what his cousin had done to her, but her instincts told her to keep the incident to herself. He would probably suggest that she not seek revenge, and if she disregarded his advice, he might refuse to have anything more to do with her. She would lose her protector and her instructor in all things pleasurable. It was not a risk she was willing to take.


She turned back to Louis when he asked about the party. Even his voice sent little thrills meandering down her spine. “It was fun at first,” she answered honestly, “but all the spanking was boring. There's nothing at all intimate about being paddled. That's a punishment for disobedient children.”


The young blonde shuddered and moved so close to him that she was almost sitting in his lap. “I wished they had played a kissing game instead. Then I could have practiced charming gentlemen like you want me to do.”

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"It was not as entertaining as it might have been," the Earl admitted. "Perhaps that is because it was so well attended and less intimate," he posited.


As for the spanking criticism, he chuckled. How much of the truth should he reveal? In a cavalier moment, he thought to be straightforward and see how she reacted. "It is a child's punishment," he acknowledged "but libertines enjoy childish pranks and games because the twist them with more adult themes," he began.


As she snuggled against him, Louis invited Bridget to sit upon his lap if she wished, or he would include her in the warm embrace of his heavy coat if she preferred. "I shall tell you the secrets if you wish. I do so only out of affection for you, and will stop anytime you ask ... for it will involve secrets of lovemaking and intimacy not ordinarily reveal to a young unmarried lady." He paused while already knowing the answer. It had worked with him more than once before.

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Bridget couldn't imagine a party with fewer guests. It had seemed like a small group to her. If there had been only two or three people there, then it might have been more intimate but would hardly be considered an actual party ... just an informal gathering of friends.


Her response to Lord Basildon's explanation about libertines and childish games was a confused little “oh.” She truly didn't understand at all. Did they like to wear diapers or try to drink from the ladies' breasts? For some strange reason, the thought of a gentleman sucking on her breasts made them ache. And another part of her ached too, as if her body longed for something that her mind could not comprehend.


At his invitation, Bridget slid into Louis' lap, wriggling her bum until she found the most comfortable position. Her eyes, glazed from all of the alcohol she had consumed, sought his own when he offered to tell her the secrets of lovemaking. She knew that she wasn't supposed to know such things until she was wed. Even Anne had not been forthcoming when she had asked. The lure of forbidden knowledge was always tempting.


“Yes," she breathed, turning her head to nuzzle his neck. "Educate me."

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"Very well," he agreed, as if this was some meaningful revelation. "Men and women touching each other is sexually stimulating," he began.


"If I were to paddle your behind, I would not do so to hurt you, but to arouse you. You will have to try it for yourself, but you will feel a most pleasant warmth in your private parts if your bottom glows with the warmth of gentle strikes." He paused to see if she might imagine the scenario for herself.


"It is like touching someone's leg. It can be annoying when unwelcome; but, when a gentleman you admire does it, the feeling is altogether different. It is the same with men and women. Indulge me," he instructed as he moved his left hand to reach for her lower leg to touch or rub it. He then moved sensuously upward towards her thigh. "It is so cold and there are so many layers of clothing that you may not feel it, but it brings a pleasant warmth, especially when the flesh of my hand meets the flesh of your leg. It is stimulating and most welcome, awakening desire within."


"Now then, let me add a series of kisses with my hand stroking your leg and I think you will get a better idea," he offered. Louis proceeded with the type of kissing she had enjoyed the most, allowing his hand to take whatever liberties with her leg and thigh as she might permit.

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Her private parts were already glowing with new and exciting sensations, but Bridget still couldn't understand the appeal of being spanked. It sounded humiliating to her. And how was she supposed to paddle herself? If her sister saw her attempting anything like that, she would send her straight to Bedlam, which was probably where she would belong.


Nobody had ever touched her leg but her maidservant when she was being bathed or dressed, and she felt nothing at all then. Her voluminous skirts, fortified with layer upon layer of petticoats, prevented that kind of contact. The thought of Lord Basildon touching her there caused a luscious heat to simmer through her entire body, and she nodded when he asked her to indulge him.


At the first touch of his hand on her stocking, her leg jerked instinctively but only seconds later, she was writing in pleasure on his lap. She squirmed more vigorously when his fingers moved beyond her stocking and stroked her bare skin. “I'm not cold at all now,” she whispered. “I feel as if I am burning up inside.”


As he kissed her and his tongue danced with hers, more unfamiliar but pleasant sensations blossomed within her and intensified at the apex to her thighs, awakening her to an intense desire that she had never known existed. Her breathing quickened and her body tingled delightfully. A little voice in the back of her mind told her to stop him, but Bridget was caught up in the moment and spread her legs slightly, without realizing what she was doing.

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His hand massaged Bridget's leg. How many times had he done this before? He was careful not to creep upward at more than a snail's pace.


"See? What did I tell you?" he encouraged, as a tutor might. "Soon enough I might swat your behind and you might even wriggle with pleasure. The swat would not hurt. Rather, it would inflame."


"This is why we volunteered to be spanked by a member of the fairer sex. We knew they would not hurt us and we might revel in the laughter that we might evoke from others that knew the pleasure of the touch, in all manner."


His had kept going upward. "You have so many skirts and layers that I doubt you can have the full pleasure of my touch. It is far better when it is flesh against flesh, with a warmth that is seductive. The only way to attempt to replicate the feeling for you tonight is to massage you further under your skirts. Fear not, this is all for learning experience only," Louis chuckled. "May I proceed?"

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Even with such a tantalizing response to Lord Basildon's gentle ministrations, Bridget didn't think she would like it if he slapped her bum. She would much rather his hand continue to move slowly up her thigh. Her body quivered as if in anticipation, but for what exactly she wasn't sure. Whatever it was, she longed for it more than she had ever longed for anything else in her life.


“Maybe spanking is only pleasurable for gentlemen. I still don't see the appeal in it. And I know I would not have enjoyed being paddled by another lady. If you had not stepped in, that's what would have happened.”


As Louis spoke about flesh against flesh, Bridget wondered what it would be like to have his naked body pressed against hers. What would he look like beneath those elegant clothes? Magnificent, she was certain. But that kind of intimacy was impossible in a carriage and she couldn't go home with him. If she didn't return at a decent hour, Anne would never let her go anywhere with him again. That was a risk she wasn't willing to take.


“Yes,” she whispered huskily as he asked if he could proceed to teach her the meaning of pleasure. “Please ...”

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There was no hint at modesty on Bridget's part, but that was what being drunk did. It removed all of society's safeguards.


"If I ever paddle you, I assure you that I will do it in a way that you shall like it," he whispered in an alluring tone. "It is amazing what a man's touch can do for a woman, and vice versa," he instructed. "This is true for lips, ears, neck, and breast surely. Yet, the inner thigh and privates are te most sensitive to the touch of the other gender. It is the way God made us."


"Again, this is just for education only. I want you to tell me how pleasurable my touch is as I move up your inner thigh." This he did slowly and in a way designed to inflame. As he reached the portal that no man had entered, Louis paused. "Now then, tell me how much more exciting it is when I touch you here. It is the same for me. If you were to caress me similarly, it would be like a magical charm."


Louis knew the anatomy of a woman's private parts as well as any midwife. he knew what to tickle to cause secretion and he knew the power of a single digit entering slowing might accomplish. Confident that Bridget was of the appropriate level of excitement and inebriation, he proceeded.

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Bridget took great pride in the fact that she was a proper and respectable young lady. She held herself above other women due to her exemplary behavior and was perhaps a bit arrogant because of it. If not for the effects of strong drink, she would have slapped Lord Basildon if he had so much as brushed his fingers against her leg and she most definitely not have opened her thighs to him. Kissing, she believed, was innocent, and she saw nothing wrong with learning how to charm a gentleman by making him desire her. But this was something that she would never condoned in her right mind.


Maybe tomorrow while she endured the pain of a hangover, she would regret what she had let him do, assuming she remembered it. Perhaps she would be appalled at even considering letting a married man take her home with him so that she could feel his bare skin against hers. Now, though, all that mattered was the lovely feelings she was experiencing for the very first time. All she could think about was the warmth of his lap and the way his hand snaked delectably up her inner thigh.


“Then maybe I will let you, just to see if you are right.” She didn't think she would allow just any gentlemen to spank her, Only him. And maybe Lord Kingston. She had liked kissing him at the party and he was quite handsome. Pushing thoughts of the tall blond out of her mind, she listened to Louis' explanation and when she mentioned God, she believed that He wouldn't mind what she was doing now since that was how He had made her ... another notion she might lament when the glow of the liquor wore off.


“I don't know how to describe what I'm feeling,” she whispered as his hand moved higher. Bridget's legs instinctively spread a bit wider. “It is wonderful and thrilling and amazing and …ohhh!” Her sentence was interrupted by a soft but sensuous moan as he reached the sweet joining of her thighs. Wetness blossomed in that secret place where no man had gone before. The sensations that flowed through her now were so strong that she didn't know if she could stand it much longer. And yet she still longed for more …

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Louis chuckled at the predictable response. "Over time, ladies have pleasured themselves with candles and other similarly shaped objects. There is no shame in that," he instructed. "But, to have a man do it for you is ten times more pleasurable. Even more exciting than my finger is my tongue. We are too cramped here for me to show you how adults can pleasure each other. It is fantastic Bridget. You would be panting with pleasure and begging for more all day," he laughed. "This is the secret that parents and siblings do not tell their daughters. They would prefer that they remain as children. It is a conspiracy to keep you ignorant." Talk of conspiracies always resonated with those that were eager to rebel, because it gave them an excuse to do so.


"Libertines rise above ignorance. They read and write books that are seen as scandalous because they pull back the curtain of ignorance. They please each other rather than restrict each other.

They take advantage of their beauty, wit and youth to enjoy life. Life is far too precious and far too short to squander it living under the rules of parents and husbands your whole life, given but brief windows to truly enjoy yourself, if ever." He needed to make the case for rebellion in a girl that was traditional trained. One had to give them a philosophy that would justify a break with societal norms. He continued to titilate her with his fingers as he spoke.


"There is nothing more pleasurable than the joining of a man and a woman that are fond of each other. Most of the women your age have already discovered this for themselves. They have secretly taken lovers while pretending to be proper outwardly. It is a fun game to be sure. I merely want to give you the choice of freedom if you wish it. You need a guide and I am willing to serve," he whispered. "If you prefer to limit yourself to candles and one husband the rest of your life, you can choose that too. Life does not have to be enjoyable. Some prefer to sacrifice what God has given them so that they can stay true to what a society of old matrons thinks should be done. Sadly, most of these matrons had unhappy lives and want the young to suffer like they did. It is quite the disservice to you."

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Bridget gasped when his finger slid into her. Those strange and wonderful feelings pulsing through her body heightened and she felt as if something inside her was about to explode. Too excited to be alarmed, she enjoyed what Lord Basildon was doing to her as she attempted to concentrate on his words. She wanted everything he described to her, and the thought of him replacing his finger with his tongue was tantalizing and evoked more pleasant reactions.


What he said made sense. Unmarried ladies were kept innocent so that they would not be tempted to stray when they were wed. If husbands did this to their wives, then no wonder so many women were content with married life. But what if they didn't? Their wives would never know what they were missing. Denying them the knowledge of pleasure before they were wed was just a way to keep them obedient, to keep them ...


Suddenly, fireworks exploded inside her, the most exquisite sensations she had ever felt rolling over her in waves. Bridget gasped again and arched her back, writhing on Louis' lap as she experienced the joy of physical pleasure for the very first time. It was like an epiphany and she she felt as if she would never be the same, as if she was now a completely different person.


She knew what she wanted now … to throw off the yoke of conformity and live her life to the fullest. Lord Basildon was offering her that chance and she fully intended to take him up on it. If other young ladies her age took lovers, than why shouldn't she?


“Whatever just happened to me, I want more of it,” she whispered, her breath still coming out in little gasps. “I long to know what it is like to make love with a gentleman and I wish for you to initiate me into such pleasures. I trust you, Lord Basildon. I also want to learn how to give you pleasure as well. Will you teach me that tonight?”

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Bridget experienced a climax, and by her bodily reaction, a powerful one. Louis suppressed a smile.


"There is so much to teach and so little time tonight. We will be at your home shortly and we dare not stay out overlong lest your sister become worried and make you her prisoner," the handsome earl counseled. "We shall need to meet again when we have more time to ... advance your studies," he suggested with a sly smile.


"Here is my challenge dear Bridget. As much as we will soar in ecstasy together, I cannot be the the one to take your maidenhead. I owe your father that. However, if you have already relieved yourself of that bit of business, then I do not feel honor bound to stay away. I can then tell him truthfully, should he ever confront me, that I was not the one. It is all about honor you see," he tried to explain. "However, if you have lost it already, then was I not doing you a favor in protecting you from other gentlemen that you might seek out?" he laughed. "It is really a game."


"The first time will be somewhat painful as the obstruction is removed, but thereafter there is nothing but bliss. Some ladies your age have already lost their virginity while horseback riding, or accidentally inserting a large candle too abruptly. That will be your story, of course, afterwards." He continued to keep a light tone as if this was all going to be an enjoyable conspiracy.


"So, between now and the next time we meet, you need to either have another man relieve you of your ... problem, and then I can take you into my embrace for true lovemaking, or you can relieve yourself of that pesky piece of flesh with a candle, or a wooden object that women use to pleasure themselves in the absence of a man. It is often called a dildo. Perhaps you have heard of it? A warm bath and a proper amount of working it in slowly and voila you are a free woman," he exclaimed. "Are you willing to do this to learn the intimate secrets that are withheld from you?"

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She was about to suggest that he take her home with him, despite her earlier misgivings. Bridget had told Anne that Lord Basildon's sister was going to be with them and serve as her chaperone. He could send one of his servants to tell Anne that they had decided to stop by his house because his sister wanted to show her something. She believed that explanation would be readily accepted.


But he claimed that he couldn't be the one who took her virginity because of his respect for her father, and that he would teach her the joys of lovemaking only if she rid herself of it first. If she found a gentleman willing to do the honors, he might tell all his friends and then she would be ruined forever. No man would want to marry her then.


Lord Basildon presented another solution, to do it herself with a candle or a dildo, whatever that was. Bridget didn't relish the thought of sticking an object up there. It would not be near as pleasurable as his delightful magic fingers. Maybe she could coax him into changing his mind.


Wrapping her arms around his neck, she kissed him passionately. Her technique wasn't quite as sloppy and awkward as it had been before. Perhaps she was finally getting the hang of it. “What does it matter who does it, when my father will never find out that I lost it at all?” Her eyes narrowed but her voice was playful. “Surely you don't think I'm stupid enough to tell him. If we both keep it secret why cannot I give you my most precious gift? I don't want any man but you. Don't you want me as well?”

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"I like your cunning my dear," Louis complimented lightly. "The problem is truth and honor. I never seek to place myself in a position that I will need to lie. If I lie to your father, then it is permissible to lie to you. I want to look him in the eye and tell him something that is not a lie. As for us, when we are in bed together, I want to look into your beautiful eyes and tell you the truth. It is a weakness of mine, but it makes up for my other vices I suppose." Ironically, these words were lies, ones used often enough when needed. He was certain that he looked quite serious when singing the praise of his own virtues. This tactic often had the effect of endearing the target even more.


"The truth is that I want to be with you and make you complete. I want you to soar like a hawk with pleasure so that we can forever share our love. I will omit. I will obfuscate. I will mislead. I will hide the truth, but I do not lie to those I respect, unless it is a petty lie intended to be a compliment," he added with a laugh. "We courtiers tell those lies every day."


He then gave her a gentle kiss. "Remove the obstacle and then send me a letter through your maid that tells me you are no longer a maid and then we will meet at once to begin a grand love affair," he whispered with promise.

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That amazing climax had sobered Bridget up a bit, not enough to make her regret what she was doing, but sufficiently to allow her to think straight. Like most unmarried ladies, she was innocent and sheltered, but her mind had always been sharp. In fact, it was because she was astute that she thought it unfair that she was shunned for her father's actions. It wasn't as if he had consulted her. She was not to blame.


She could understand why Lord Basildon didn't like to lie but one thing about his pretty speech just didn't make sense. However, she nearly forgot about it when he claimed that he wanted her and loved her. Her heart leapt in his chest. Have I really captivated him so completely? The notion thrilled her.


Yet then he spoke of respect and that niggling inconsistency in his earlier words came back to haunt her. Maybe there was an explanation for it. His kiss certainly spoke of his affection for her and she supposed that if the cost of being intimate with him was divesting herself of her virginity, then she could do it, however distasteful it might be. As long as he had a good answer to the question she was about to ask him.


Bridget shook her head when he asked her to send a letter informing him when it had been done. If the missive fell into the wrong hands, it could ruin her. She didn't trust his servants, or even her own, for that matter. “A letter is too dangerous. I must whisper it in your ear so that nobody else will ever know. Are you going to escort me to the ball? I think it will be done by then.”


Looking up at him, her eyes held his. “I do have a question, though. You say that you would never lie to my father or to me, but what about your lady wife? Will you lie to her when she returns and asks how you occupied your time this season?"

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The girl was becoming more alert, but it was no matter. It made little sense to negotiate with someone so inebriated that they would forget what they had said the previous evening, He had thought her to be not necessarily bright, but she was wary of his story, it seemed.


"The letter would be in code and I would burn it of course," he replied to assure her. In fact, he had been hoping for a letter that he could use to blackmail her in the future. It was not to be forthcoming it seemed.


As for his wife, Louis had been expecting it. "She does not ask because she does not want to know what I do when she is not present. Many wives are like that," he explained. :Just because I will not lie to her does not mean I feel the need to volunteer anything. If she asked me who I was with, I would not say. Better to say nothing than to say something false. So, you see, I will be able to protect our secret. I will just avoid answering. Your father, unfortunately will assume my silence is an admission, so I will need to say truthfully that I did not take your maidenhood. This would be true. It is as simple as that."


"Now then, if we are to be lovers, then we will need to disguise it. If a couple is seen together everywhere it leaves little doubt what os afoot. So, I will not be escorting you to the ball, but we will dance together. Perhaps we will pretend to have a fight, just for theatrics," he laughed. "Then, we will sneak away together during the night if we can," he offered lightly. "No one will suspect anything," he assured her.

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Bridget wasn't worldly enough to think that he might use an incriminating letter to blackmail her and besides, she trusted him. Servants were a different matter. They were sneaky and they liked to gossip about their betters. Discovering scandal probably made them feel better abot their own miserable lives. Her note could be opened and read before it ever reached its recipient. That was what she was afraid of.


Lord's Basildon answered her question about his wife so well that all doubts vanished. She knew that she wouldn't be his first lover, although she did intend to be his last. The way he spoke, Lady Basildon was aware of his affairs but preferred not to acknowledge them. To Bridget, that attitude seemed weak. No wonder he looked elsewhere for companionship.


She also understood why it would be different with her father. The fascinating Earl couldn't just avoid answering him. But he would never find out that she had lost her virginity, so what did it really matter? Only the two of them would know, so if the information leaked out, she would know that he had betrayed her. Not that she thought he would, unless he became angry with her and ended their affair. But then he would have as much to lose as she, or so she believed.


Bridget's disappointed sigh would tell him that she had hoped he would escort her to the ball. Now she would have to go with just her sisters for company. As the effects of the liquor continued to wear off, she slid off of his lap and adjusted her skirts. When they reached her residence, not even the coach driver must be aware what had happened.


At least Lord Basildon would dance with her. A little thrill rippled down her spine when he spoke of sneaking away together. She would only have to wait for a couple of days to find pleasure in his arms. “Would it not be better to hide in plain sight? Nobody ever expects that. I still may need your protection until my lord father is back in favor.”

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It seemed that his reply worked. It often did. Feeling triumphant, he afforded Bridget an encouraging smile.


"Plain sight yes, but we must provide other alternative theories for gossip mongers to pursue," he laughed heartily, knowing that he was about to lay another snare. "Bridget, my dear, it is a game that we can make fun as well. You assume that gossips are watching at all times. They are trying to guess who is sleeping with whom. It is a fun game for them and a fun diversion to fool them," he chuckled. "Most of the ladies, including the unmarried ones, have lovers, so you have to decide which are which. Perhaps you and I can observe which couples are lovers and which ones are poor at pretending they are not." He wanted her to enjoy subterfuge because it would play into his plan.


"At the ball, we need to find you a nice gentleman. You will dance with him, shower him with attention, and then have him escort you from the hall for a tour. Be gone just 30 minutes, not so long that they are sure whether you had a secret coupling with him or not. Then obviously ignore another young man that interests you. Then, when he leaves the hall, wait 30 seconds and then be seen following him out of the hall. The careful eyes will note that and assume that he is your secret lover. Then we shall dance and they shall wonder if we are lovers; but then, I am married, beholden to your father, and too obvious in my attention to be your secret lover," he laughed. "Do you see how much fun we can have outwitting the wits at court together?"


He helped smooth her skirts as she moved from him. "One day, in our dotage, we will look at each other and just begin to laugh and no one will know of the exquisite secrets that we shared." It was a pretty picture he was painting for her. It was one he had used before and seemed well-suited for her.

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