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To Lord Basildon, early am Thursday- Xmas 1677


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  • 2 months later...

And so, there it was -- the location of Danby, served up on the proverbial silver platter. The message had been delivered by Thomas, his manservant, prompting Louis to skip his breakfast so that he might enact the next step of the plan.


Two short letters were drafted for Danby's seal, and another was drafted and sealed for Lisa. Thomas was instructed to visit the docklands to determine which ships were bound for the United Provinces and which were bound for France in the next few days. He wanted specific names of the vessels that might be appropriate for the Lord Treasurer to use in fleeing England. He was also to hire a couple of dependable sorts to follow Danby if things did not go as planned.


They would return to meet at the house during the late afternoon so that Louis would be ready to pay a call upon his former patron that evening at the inn. In the interim, Louis needed to see the Royal Chancellor, to warn him about his foolish son.

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