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To Lord Arundel | 29/12, noon, delivered verbally- Xmas 1677

Sophia de la Cerda

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After her unfortunate fall into a disgusting muddy slush, the first thing Sophia did after returning home was take a bath to wash all the filth away. The warn water soothed her injured ankle but didn't take away all of the pain. Even if she had figured out a way to evade Karl, she would not have been able to meet Lord Arundel today. She longed to see him again and was still contemplating indulging in the sensuous pleasures he had offered her, but she hurt too much to enjoy herself. If she did give herself to the intriguing Earl, she wanted to be at her best.


While Anna was helping her bathe, she told her that she wanted her to go to the place where they had decided to meet and deliver a verbal message to him. “Tell him that I injured my ankle this morning and that I am in too much pain to skate with him today.” She paused, carefully considering her words. Sophia wanted him to know that she had not changed her mind, but without alerting her maidservant that there was more than friendship between them.


“Say that I have been eagerly looking forward to the lessons he promised me, and I am devastated that they will have to be postponed. I think often and fondly of the delights he has already shown me and I wish to experience the joys of skating with him again. Both his oral and physical instructions were very pleasurable and I passionately desire to learn more.


“I hope that he will be at the banquet tomorrow night so that we can make new plans. Or if he will not be attending, perhaps we can meet at the Walled Garden in a few days after my ankle has healed."


Anna committed the message to memory and after Sophia was dressed, she set off to find Lord Arundel at the designated meeting place. If he wished to send a message back to her mistress, she would convey his words to her when she returned.

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Anna reported back to her mistress that Lord Arundel's mood had darkened with the message she brought. It was her opinion that he was not completely surprised that Sophia had not come. Nevertheless, Anna conveyed his wishes for a speedy recovery. As for the banquet, he had hesitated but indicated that he planned to attend. As such, he had bid her to tell her mistress that he would see her soon enough.

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