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To Speak of Marriage, Thursday 30, 11 am- Xmas 1677

Cordelia Lucas

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This was no 'Ordinary Day'.


Today she wwould entertain the first, she hoped, of many Court Gentleman that sought her aid in want of a Wife. The Scottish Baron and she had exchanged conversation at the last Event and she made her offer which he had accepted. Oh true it had not been an outright asking but nevertheless she knew what he had meant.


He would arrive to find a plesant repast set out all desgned to tempt the tastes of a man from table to drink. She had been a Solider's wife many years ago and still retained memory of the small things that tempted the most. Here at Court she knew things to be rich and fanciful and she was not well versed in how his Household was furnished so she had opted to keep it simple. He had said 'tea' but she would offer more


Meat pasties and cheese, a roasted chicken, a loaf of good white manchet bread that had cost her, apples and pears, pickled eggs. A sweet custard for desert. She had bought spices and wine to mull and that simmered on the coals but would also offer beer. Her small space would provode a warm place for him aganist the climate outside.


She would greet him attired in a gown that was neither too lavish or too plain but a happy medium in plum velvet with two rows of cream lace at elbows and around the neck of her bodice. Her single row of pearls graced throat and ears and her scent was a subtile rose.


All that was left was his arrival.




(placeholder for Baron Dundarg)

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She had waited for some two hours but her guest had not arrived.


She had no idea as to where she might send an inquiry but hoped that he was not taken by some sudden illness or had been set upon by Vagabonds and Ruffians - either was possible.


She had given instruction that her table be unmade and the food sent to the kitchen to be used as 'broken meats' for the servants or the poor that came - she had no use for it now anyway.


An hour later, changed and sitting before her hearth with her maid fussing nearby, she sipped her mulled wine and ate a piece or two of the cheese her thoughts skipping ahead to the Events that were planned for the remaining week of this Christmas Court.



(ooc: due to the absence of the other player this post is concluded)

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