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A Catholic walks into a room... | 28th- Xmas 1677

George Hardwick III

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Chichester had made a loose arrangement to visit Basildon that Tuesday.


It being the Christmas season, the hall of offices was a rather quiet locale, though the ever present snoops and tattle tales lingered in the halls ready to make their various reports. George nodded his head to one likely suspect, while wondering what ill stroke of fortune had reduced the otherwise fine looking man to that much.


Basildon's Office was easy enough to find. George lifted his silver tipped walking stick and gave a stout rap. These doors did require something of a pummeling, leather clad things did such a good job of muffling noise.

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The Office of the Treasurer of the Royal Household was small. There was but a clerk or two in residence. His lordship was unlikely to be in attendance as he stopped by but briefly when visiting the palace. It just so happened that he had come by briefly but had moved on.


Fortunately, the senior clerk greeted the Earl with the news that Lord Basildon had left earlier with plans to attend the Royal Exchange. The clerk was certain that if Chichester would head there, he would be certain to find the Treasurer.





OOC~ I have written that he is at the Royal Exchange, so you could continue this thread and look for him there, or look for him later.

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Chichester frowned, as he digested this information.


Should I have asked for a location for our meeting? It had been losely arranged at the ball as a 'tuesday afternoon', Louis had not said where he'd be and George had assumed he'd be in his office. The Earl now wondered if Louis had not wanted to meet him actually, to have omitted his attending the Royal Exchange that afternoon suggested as much. George would never have guessed to meet Louis there - nor did he think that the man had left intending George to follow him.


It was one of those little messages delivered, unpleasant, though really George could not expect anything else. Nobody had said salvaging his repuation would be easy.


He left his card with the servant and headed on his way.

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