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A place at the palace | [CD] Sunday afternoon- Xmas 1677

Robert Saint-Leger

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The viscount had not planned to supervise servants moving his things into their new quarters at Whitehall that day, but it did not promise to take very long.


While he had played it off as not needing much there what with his father having both a London residence and another outside of the city in Battersea where his sister stayed, that was not the truth of the matter.


The truth of it was that Beverley did not have much to be bringing with him. His wardrobe was limited, and his father had never let him have much control of anything of value - probably for this very reason. All he had were mostly his things that he had absconded with from the Battersea House where he had stayed with his sister, and that was not much. They had rarely stayed there for him to leave much that he could now claim.


A few trunks was the extent of what he was bringing. Truth be told his wife likely had more than he did at this point.


With the door open as things were brought in, he wrote out a few letters to inform his acquaintances where he might now be found. His only pause was in whether or not to write his parents.


He could not go the entire holy season without so much as a word, could he? At least he was no longer waiting for the day when his lord father would boot him from his sister's considering it was truly Brooke's and not Annie's at all. He was not sure that was an improvement or not; the sick feeling in his stomach told him not.

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