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Strolling from Sodom to Gomorrah (Church Cont.)- Xmas 1677

Guest John Bramston

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OOC: Continued from here.


“Ah, is he? Baintree.” John said contemplatively. John’s mind, stuffed as it was with knowledge of families and relations, began to traverse the trees. The current duke had some Cavendish blood in him and Cavendish had some Howard in him from his mother, but John didn’t recognize the title. Then again, there were an awful lot of Howards. “I d-d-don’t believe I do. I’ll thank you for the introduction.” John was probably not a welcome sight to a Howard, but such was life.


“Winter is a t-t-time of great need.” John commented on how crowded London was. He thought it was probably the bitter cold of winter rather than Christmas cheer that drove them together. Regardless, that and Christmas inclined him to charity. He smiled easily when she thanked him for his arm. He was glad of her hold of it.


She inquired after his family, “Well, well.” John said, deciding to gloss over Devonshire’s ailing health. It was a dark thought. “Two sisters and a b-b-brother. I hardly see them these d-d-days.” John said in the tone remarkably like a father lamenting his children didn’t come to visit him as often. Not so much as concerned as lamenting the inevitable drift.


“I w-w-will miss Christmas in the country, I think.” John mused, thinking of familial moments. The two strolled away from church, heading towards the palace.

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She offered him next


"Thru my Lady Mother we are kin to Norfolk. It is all so tied together is it not! Oft times I have to take minutes when trying to connect this person to that Family and when cousins come to Court then they must get factored in as well."


"I had two sisters but they died. Twas long ago yet I miss them. Two younger brothers not yet come to Court but I think the middle one shall if Baintree allowes for it, and so you seek to make a marriage naturally and there are several Matrons about that would offer you help should you request it."


"I was surprised to see Devonshire - you are connected there I think - but His Grace needs must make his face seen I suppose."


She smiled a bit at his tone. "You must be close then? Will you look for a Sponsor for your sisters? Or do you seek to place one or both with some Household - what are their ages? I might be able to search out Lady Mountjoy and see if the Queen will take one as a Maid for there is always a new influx of one or two and Devonshire's Family kin is worthy."


She gave a small sigh that was quiet but he might have noticed the 'puff' then she looked ahead to where the Palace was in view.


"I must thank you Lord Maldon for two things now."


Her voice was still light but the inflections would tell him she was serious.


"For not saying that we had been introduced at that 'meeting' with the King in the Gardens as I doubt that His Majesty wants it bandied about. I was useful that day to several - Buckingham mainly - and my acting well enough to delay what needed to be delayed."


"Mademosille played and still plays a Game that might not end as she thinks. But that is a different topic. The second is for now and seeing me away from my brother and allowing me to cool my temper - of which can get the better of me - and one would think at this great age I would handle that better."


She then changed the topic again


"What do You like? I mean as an interest? Mine is needlework and I am justly proud of what I do! And have even taken commission for things here at Court. Ah winter is wonderous but I shall be happy for Spring and green plants and flowers and hope that our Garden Society will be re-born then."


She kicked her skirts a bit out the better to maneuver over some muddy patch then continued


"Now that I have taken you out of your way will you allow me to offer some refreshment or must you continue on?"

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John smiled. It was true that high ranking blood often meant a tangled tree. “I j-j-just try to be family to those who will be familial.” John said. And that was not often found at court, especially not among the more distant connections. It was especially not found among the Howards for someone who’s mother’s maiden name was Cavendish.


John nodded as she spoke of her own family, smiling sympathetically at the tale of their deaths. He wasn’t quite sure what to make of the comment about his marriage and matrons. He’d never minded the interference of the older set, but as he’d told Devonshire, he hoped to marry his brother first. And his sisters, being women, had more pressing needs.


“My m-m-mother was from Devonshire’s house.” John explained the connection. “And I w-w-was his ward for a time.” He made no comment on the fact Devonshire had come out of his retirement. He’d wanted him at court, but not under the stresses of modern day.


Was he close? “With my siblings?” John said, “Yes, of course.” John’s family, while not free of squabbles, was mostly at peace these days. Politically divided, but not so at war as Norfolk and his eldest. She offered to help his sisters, “I seek to p-p-place them both in some greater service. Catherine is nineteen. Abigail… sixteen. I w-w-would be grateful if you helped Catherine into the Queen’s service. And m-m-more grateful if you could help my c-c-cousin Lady Frances as well.” It was a bit of a strange alliance, but John wasn’t going to let their families stand in the way of helping each other.


She thanked him for his silence and for his minor intervention. “Not at all. It w-w-was the only decent thing.” John said with a smile. He agreed about mademoiselle playing a dangerous game, yet he had done what he could to deter her to no avail.


She asked after his interests next, “Oh, m-m-many things. Not needlework.” He let out a small laugh at the idea, “I read a g-g-great deal. I go out on strolls. I garden a little.” She spoke of a garden society. She also said it was waiting for spring, “Winter’s… not so bad.” John said of plants, “Winter roses are in season. So is… honeywort. Winter Jasmine…” And one could do all sorts of fun things with snow.


“I m-m-must leave sooner rather than later.” He’d promised to meet some people for lunch and Cavendish might be coming over a bit later. “B-b-but I c-c-can speak a little. And I w-w-would be most pleased by your company any time.” He extended the invitation to speak, or for her to visit.

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He had taken her somewhat by surprise.


His impediments had not limited his abilities and once he began speaking she saw how little it mattered that he had a stutter after all. That he was also a man of many interests was clear as well.


"Hmmm ... Well let me ask this - have they both been 'educated' as to what will be expcted of them if they come into Court? Or do they have no interest but tis for "Duty" alone that you press for a place? Also what your own association with the many Factions at Court are - it will be assumed that your sisters follow what you have dictated and if Devonshire has sponsored you then it will also be assumed you follow his thinking - unless you prove otherwise."


"Court is not for the timid or weak. If one or both are taken into the Queen's Household as Maids they will be what I call the Frame - that is we Maids are you see. Her Grace is the centerpoint and we but 'frame' her! Our duties are not strenuous but twill be expected that each can converse in any situation that requires our presence and tis to be hoped that some special skill is had for those times when The Queen must be amused."


"I am skilled in needlework. There are several who can read aloud or have the ability to speak languages or dance or sing. Are you confident that each can produce if called upon?"


She had not meant to deliver such a long winded speech but this was important


"I would be happy to seek out Lady Mountjoy as I have already said. Catherine is my younger by two years yet close enough for me to help. All the Maids are unwed. Once we marry ,well, if we are fortunate to remain then we become Ladies of the Privy Chamber. Bedchamber Ladies are the married Duchesses and a few Countesses as well."


"We work on a shift rotation usually three to four on at a time and if there is some important function or visiting Ambassador then we all must be in attendance. If choosen then one or both will be under the care of "The Mother of the Maids" and sleep dormitory style. Some, myself included, have rooms asigned to us."


"If after hearing all of this you have an interest still then send me word thru a runner to the Queen's Apartments and I will be found."


"I do like winter roses and yet I still long for Spring! The Garden Society would be honord to have you speak Lord Maldon on any topic related to that. Thank You."


By now even at their slow pace the destination had been reached and she knew twas time to part ways.


"I have enjoyed our stroll very much and I hope that you will come call upon me here - bring your sisters - I should like to be introduced and the offer for refreshment will stand."


She stopped and released her arm from his her smile genuine and her words all sincere.


"We shall meet up again over the next days I've no doubt. Good Afternoon Lord Maldon."


She would give him a nice curtsey after he had his say and then continue on her own way back into the confines of the Palace.

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“They b-b-begged me to come, actually.” John said with amusement, “And they are w-w-well bred.” Both in terms of their blood, which was noble and connected, and, in John’s opinion, their manners. “We’re associated with the Cavendishes, I w-w-would say.” John replied to their factional affiliation.


“My aunt, Devonshire’s… m-m-mother, who we lived with for some time, was a lady of Queen Henrietta Maria. And that’s only the one I am c-c-closest to.” John was familiar with the household. He would be surprised if his siblings weren’t. Asked if they could be of use, “Yes.” John said, “They are t-t-trained as gentlewoman and have such accomplishments. And that besides, the Queen m-m-must understand that taking her… servants from powerful families provides a connection.”


John nodded to her description. He smiled, “My l-l-lady, I thank you, but your description has not dismayed me. I can t-t-tell you now that we are still interested.”


John smiled and nodded to the garden society. He would be glad to speak with them at Davina’s leisure. And he nodded again to calling on her, though whether John would be able to wrangle his sisters into coming was another matter. He’d tried, though, and would try again.


“I l-l-look forward to our next meeting. Good afternoon.” John said with a smile, and made a somewhat awkward bow before moving off to get a hired carriage. Normally he liked a leisurely stroll but today was ever so busy.

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