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Soliciation of a Solicitor


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August 23rd, Law Offices of Cheatum & Howe


"Thus, I think you should take the 3000 pound offer from Lord Maldon," Master Farlow concluded.


William Cheatum, Esquire was a man always nimble with possibilities. "It sounds as if the Earl is engaged in a game of phantoms to steal the house," the lawyer scoffed. Nevertheless, a man with the scruples of Mr. Cheatum had to admire the attempt.


It was then that there was something of a ruckus in the outer chamber, the door opening. "Mister Cheatum," the senior clerk reported, "the sheriff's men are here and need to see you at once." In front of Master Farlow, Cheatum needed to be seen as dignified and working with the law. "Very well, send them in."


With little fanfare, two burly gentlemen entered the attorney's plush office. "Good day Squire, Thomas Stapleton. We understand that you represent and know the whereabouts of one Miss Agnes Hewitt." The words were more accusatory than inquisitive.


"Miss Hewitt is a client. This is Master Farlow, a real estate representative." Now, he regretted Farlow being present.


"Orders have been issued for Miss Hewitt's arrest, on the charges of murder and theft," Thomas reported. "We need to know her whereabouts."


"Good heavens," William reacted with well-rehearsed chagrin. "I am certain that my client had nothing to do with such heinous crimes. Might I inquire what evidence you have?"


"Evidence that the body was buried alive sir, and the sworn testimony of an earl of the realm sir."


"Ah, I smell the Earl of Maldon's hand in this," Cheatum replied with a quick look to Farlow.


"It weren't the Earl of Maldon sir. It were a different one, and an Officer of the King's Life Guard."


The fact that two earls and the Life Guard were involved was not lost on Cheatum. Typically his unsavory clients attracted the derision of people with little power. "I see. Of course I shall be helpful. Miss Hewitt left London last week to visit relatives in France. All she has left me is an address to send letters. My clerk will provide you with the address outside. I am sorry I cannot be of greater assistance."


As the Sheriff's men withdrew, William Cheatum considered the mess that things could become. Agnes had not left him sufficient funds if this went badly. Turning to Mister Farlow, William instructed, "Tell Lord Maldon that we accept his offer. I shall have the deed drawn up this very day and he can sign it tomorrow." There was a note of haste in his voice. Fortunately, Hewitt had left him a written power of attorney to take whatever actions were necessary in her name.

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