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It started a small whisper and ended a burning effigy


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After the night of the effigy, Monmouth had stormed out. The King was livid, not simply at his son, but that his son was so used. He had told Monmouth to stay out of politics, to not give any indication of coming after his uncle, but his son had spoken at the spring Lords in inflammatory fashion. He had told John to keep an eye on his son's associations with Shaftesbury.


Yet, there was a burning effigy that any parent knew from the look of their child's face that Jamie was involved. He could not be trusted. The boy would never be happy with his grand position.


Though he had resolved himself on removing his son from this tempting environment, he needed to know from where these things had originated. It was too messy for Shaftesbury. Buckingham hated Monmouth. Arlington was too Catholic. He had already determined that by his own reasoning, but he was not fully prepared to hear just who was implicated by his foolish son.


A long string of events began falling into place beginning with Sir John Peyton and the letter Lord Melville had brought him in the Spring.


The King sent some feelers out to quietly investigate before he sent for anyone and when he sent for someone, it was Sir John Peyton. Danby's ward and kinsman was seen later leaving the King's presence rather pale, with Colonel Thomas Howard.


When Lord Danby heard of this, he wondered just how much the boy may or may not have said. He surely had not told Monmouth to light an effigy with powder and fireworks and send it gift wrapped to his uncle of York! This involvement of Monmouth...it had been too dangerous a move and any number of people could personally benefit from it.


Would the King summon him next?


(as this develops through the end of the season, I shall post more )

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