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Dutch Nationals

Charles Rex

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Marius de Vries

Full Name: Marius de Vries

Nationality: Dutch

Title: Ambassador

Age: 42 (b. 1635)

Gender: Male

Eye Color: Green

Hair Color: Brown, slightly curly

Marital Status: Married


Physical Attributes

Marius has a tendency to wear dark clothes, with large frothy lacy collars. Though he looks like a Puritan, he is in fact a Calvinist, which admittedly is not that dissimilar.



A charming, affable man, yet possessing a certain stubbornness. He is sober and hard working.



Marius de Vries has been the Ambassador of the Dutch Republic of the Seven Provinces for a year now. He is a Calvinist and member of the Staten partij. De Vries is married, with five children. His family currently resides in The Hague however.

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