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Seymour Family

Charles Rex

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Francis Seymour

Full Name: Francis Seymour

Nationality: English

Title: Duke of Somerset

Estate Name: Somerset

Age: 19 (b. 1658)

Gender: Male

Eye Color: Hazel

Hair Color: Light Brown

Marital Status: Married


Physical Attributes

Of average size, but sickly constitution, Francis is rarely in good looks, but instead tends to a pallid completion. Francis is growing a moustache.



It is his younger brother who is the thinker. Francis shows neither inclination nor aptitude for intellectual pursuits, and has an unfortunate tendency to speak without thinking.



Born the third child and first son of Charles Seymour, 2nd Baron Seymour of Trowbridge, and his second wife, Elizabeth Bennett, Francis has an older sister and a younger brother. His father died in August of 1665. Upon the death of his father, he became the 3rd Baron Seymour of Trowbridge. Upon the death of his cousin once removed, William Seymour, the 3rd Duke of Somerset, in 1671, he became the 4th Duke of Somerset.*


Friends with:

  • Francis de Courtenay
  • Rowland Alston
  • William Abdy
  • Charles Winchester
  • Myles Winstanley
  • Michael Malstone





  • Honora Seymour (b. 1656)
  • Charles Seymour (b. August 1662)


Other Relatives

He is cousin once removed to Elisabeth Killington. He is married to her sister in law Lucille Killington.


*Historically, he was the 5th Duke of Somerset

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Lucille Killington Seymour

Full Name: Lucille 'Lucy' Killington Seymour

Title: Duchess of Somerset

Nationality: English

Age: 15 (b. 1662)

Gender: Female

Eye Color: Deep Blue

Hair Color: Black


Physical Attributes

Lucy has entered that stage of life where one moves from girl to woman. Her forms are getting more curves and already she is showing the signs of becoming a great beauty, with classical lines and luscious long black lashes. Her skin is somewhat golden, and goes well with burgundy, yellow and green, though on account of her eyes the deeper blue colours will also suit her. Anybody will recognize her as the younger sister of Louis Killington. Her lashes are longer though.



Lucille is a most charming, if perhaps a trifle manipulative girl. She dreams of all the things that young girls dream of: shopping, shiny things and a husband.



Younger sister of Louis Killington. Married to Francis Seymour, the Duke of Somerset and cousin once removed to Elisabeth Killington.

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