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Saints and Sinners 7/29/77


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At a non-descript house outside of London


Peter was the leader by acclamation. It was ever so.


"Thank you brothers," the older man began. He surveyed the room full of disciples and true sons of the Church.


"War is coming. The Anglicans are becoming more desperate in their persecution, fearing a resurgence of the Mother Church. They speak of war against France hoping to disguise the hollowness of their faith. The mob in London dances to the tune of men damned in the eyes of God. They would martyr innocent brothers and sisters in the name of a church founded on nothing more than the convenience of divorce for a tyrant king.


Their strategy only makes us stronger. Steel is forged in the fire of destruction. Saints will be made this year, bringing damnation to their cause. The Commonwealth was based on religion, yet it crumbled from within. So too will the reign of the Anglican priests. People will tire of this hatred and insanity, looking for new leadership. It is the mob that rules England now. This cannot stand.


Slay the puppet master and the puppets shall fall. The Earl of Shaftesbury is the Apostate, as is the Earl of Danby. They disguise their hatred for each other with action to destroy our people. If we divide the snakes and chop off their heads, the body will die, and the mob with it."


It sounded like a sensible plan to those assembled. Heads were nodding and there were murmurs of "praise God."


"Who might we count as our allies in Whitehall now?" asked Luke.


"The Duke of York has been carefully excluded from our Order. It is he that must be the next king. We cannot risk evidence in any involvement with us, as you know. The Earl of Bristol has left for the Continent. The Earl of Chichester was in the Tower, but has been released. We think he will be likely to support us. The same is true of Stafford and some of the Howards. The King bears us no ill will, though his son Monmouth does. There are few others that will be of assistance."


"What of the Spanish Ambassador?" asked Mark. "He is sympathetic; but, he is not reliable. The foolish man said too much to Lady Jane Digby. She is an enemy, along with Estrada. Ronquillo did nothing but breed traitors," came the reply. "We must support Father John for the title of Hardy."


"And the girl?"


"A Traitor deserves a traitor's death."

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