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A Wolf in Sheeps Clothing


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A two page sheet, front and back, was circulated widely during the King's absence from London. It seemed the Country Party had not taken a vacation at all. Copies were to be found in coffee houses and passed between Anti-French MPs, trickling down amongst the merchants and literate commoners, and widely read to those not literate in covert little holes of oppositionists. There was no author, but the end was marked by the 'written by a person of quality' that oft followed things anonymously published by courtiers and gentlemen.


In the book of Matthew he warns us against false prophets that come in sheep’s clothing, beseeching good Christians to be wary of these men who are inwardly ravening wolves. Have we become so blinded by greed that we can no longer distinguish the false prophet from the true? The Earl of D… is surely one such false prophet, and will lead the people to their destruction.


He has led the king himself to sign a treaty with the French, thereby condoning the influence of that most Catholic nation over England. The French sought to first bring England to heel with the Treaty of D… and then the attempted assassination of the king and his brother. The Earl of D…, though he had nothing do with the attempted assassination of the king, has advised the king to become closer to France and allowed for a treaty to be signed that has only brought hardship and turmoil to England.


Now the earl calls for a stricter Test that aims to strip peers of their rights, rights which are promised to them by the Magna Carta. Even if these men are Catholics, we cannot allow the words of the false prophet to lead us to our eventual destruction—if peers no longer have sanctioned rights, how much longer will it be until D... turns upon the common people and infringes upon their rights as well?


A corrupt tree bringeth forth evil fruit, and my lord D... is one example of corruption. His willful greed has led him to advise the king in such a manner that England will never be free from the French taint again, and all for the love of money, which is the root of all evil. We as a people must be ready to do as the apostle Matthew advises and hew down this tree that bringeth not forth good fruit, and cast it into the fire. It is the only way to avoid further strife in our country, and allow for some modicum of peace to take root.

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